I Wanna Grow Old with You

Dear  Lao Gong,

Tomorrow we are unable to celebrate our anniversary because of Ding Yi’s performance and mainly because you wish to celebrate on another special event-date. Here’s my post to celebrate tomorrow!

We are 11years old as a knotty couple!! Gone are the glamourous wedding days, but deeper our roots have grown.Here’s my appreciation declaration to my 1 and Only Lover.

  1. You are my Sunshine

As cliche as it sounds, I really am grateful to have your always POSITIVE presence in my life and the Yeows. Your bright and cheery, full of energy disposition every morning just brightens the day no matter how tough some days are. I seldom see you worry or complain about your work. The day when I do, it would be for a sombre and costly reason. Thank You for making the effort to cheer me up when I am down!


2. You are my Soul’s Song.  

Thank You for always singing love songs to me during Karaoke and making my heart dance! Recently, you seem to be picking up the guitar more often and the melodies just helps me to relax in your arms.


3. You are Full of Surprises!

From the VD flowers, the hearty breakfast for my birthday to the unexpected pampering of concerts that you know I would love, life is full of pleasant surprises by your side.


4. You are my Pillar of Support

I can trust you in anything. When you say the word, you will fulfil it to the best of your abilities. Although nowadays I think my forgetfulness have also spread to you… ; P

Thank you for being my chauffeur to and fro most places. Especially the races, you would ensure I get there on time and I think you know the route and event better than I do most of the time! Thank You for the cheering team you rally to support my runs!


5. You are Transparent to me.

Thank You for sharing every part of your daily living with me. You make the effort to whatsapp me in the day to check ‘ How is your day babe?’

You introduce me to your colleagues and khakis like the below, I know who you spend your time chilling out and get to watch Les Miserables with your secondary friends whom you had watched before donkey years ago! I know I can trust you to be open and truthful.



6. You treat me as your Lover

Thank You for dating me every week in the midst of our kids filled schedule. I will never know how yummy so many places can be if not for your groupon dates and pampering!



7. You are my Confidante and Spiritual Support.

Thank You for taking me out for a walk when I felt I couldn’t run. I can share anything with you and feel accepted. Your prayers always lift my spirit and gives me much hope in the Lord’s sovereignty.


All I wanna Do is GROW OLD WITH YOU.

I want to grow old with you
I want to die lying in your arms
I want to grow old with you
I want to be looking in your eyes
I want to be there for you, sharing everything you do
I want to grow old with you

Like the video, I want to thank you for the adventures we are having, and this blog is a record of our adventures that I wish to dedicate to you and for our children to remember.

Growing Older with you,


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