A World Full of Stories in Sg (Media Invite)

At first glance, there was nothing ‘extraordinary’ when we first stepped into Playeum. Not until we entered into their personal cubicles and my kids’ imagination ran wild! It was a totally different setting from a previous trip some time ago.

Story Raft

The main hall was a big platform raft that welcomed us upon entering. It seems to be the toddlers’ favourite stage as they rattle the paddles and wriggle into the life buoy. Here’s my big ones trying to enact the Pirate’s Scene. They even erected a pulley system to hang their handdrawn ‘flags’ to the top of the mast! How cool is that?


Just next to it lies the sea’shore’ as they play merrily with kinectic sand. There’s also a space for creation of sea creatures if you’re fully into the marine experience!


The Story Caves

One cave sings of mystery and whimsical dreams you can imagine just setttling cosily inside the illuminated ‘starlike’ setting. I was tempted to just ‘Oommm’ and relax inside if not for the interruptions. I would have shared stories with my kids in it. But they were all scattered and enthralled in their own play, so mummy has to find my own activity.


Their twin cave boasts of loud and crystal clear voices from your friends, bringing back memories of the cup telephone in chic style! My kids enjoyed running in and out chattering with each other. The science of the plastic tubes and funnels were effective communication tools!


The Story Cubes

This maze like installation was the perfect hideout and literacy nuild up quiet time. The pictures and vocabulary but outs provide opportunities for creation of their own stories!

There is also a station for sewing and gluegun station for your own DIY puppet making through recycled materials.


J was so excited to find a huge fabric that he could use as a cape which transformed into a rockabye baby ‘sarong’ for his manual ‘rocking’! The structure was really strong and stable for him to play this game with his new found friends (with my vigilant supervision and the kids’ parents’ hawkeyes of course)! A enjoyed the storybooks and bursting of the bubbles on the bubble wrapped poles. When I asked if it was allowed, the reply? “Of course! It doens’t hurt anyone!” You can do anything fun here! I was secretly relieved and happy!


Handy Manny Corners

There’s the window chalk painting area, the tinkering corner with real min-saws and crowbars! The most enticing play would be the kinectic sand play! The kids spent a long time at Sand play.


A has deep interest and wit in whatever IT he can get his hands on. My old camera was explored and used in ways I never knew such functions existed. It is no wonder he got so excited when he could ‘play’ with the ipad to take photos and videorecord himself! Another thing that surprised me – he had even constructed a pirate ship from the inspired setting! This was a surprise because he seldom bothered to do craftworks or art in the recent years on his own. It shows how important the environment is? With the right time and inviting environment, children can explore without constraints and do whatever they like! We parents also discover more of what interests them.


Other than the current exhibitions, Playeum has a host of interesting and meaningful activities for your children too!


It is obvious that Creative and Director Anna Salaman has put in much heart and soul into this playfully educating exhibition mission. As a trained Art educator, i salute her endeavours in developing new themes to bring a different play experience for our Singapore kids. We need to learn to relax and let the children play!

Playeum : Web/Facebook

Check out what Susan has to say from A juggling Mum too.

Overall, the playeum was so enjoyable, we stayed there for a good 3 hours. Since papa had been waiting somewhere else for us, we had to break their play mode. Are you ready to be transported into a World of Stories?

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