Bukit Indah & Melaka Hols Haven!

Here’s the yearly review of our simple holidays to our neighbour. If you follow, it’s about the only time I blog on the GLORIOUS FOOD scenes. So here goes!

After a refreshing spiritual church retreat with our Young Adults in Le Grandeur, we headed for Bukit Indah for a tantalising time of treats!

Bukit Indah Mall

This mall (click for address) has become one of our favourite haunt with a massage parlour, the kidzoona indoor playground for kids, the evergreen popular and the movies. I’m not sure about you, but these are the winning combination for our family’s simple pleasures all met! Papa spent a day with the boys at Legoland while we gals stayed at the mall. We caught ‘Moanna’, which costs 5RM for a child and 10RM for adult as it was under ‘family friendly’ movie! I wish we had such family friendly package here. We gals savoured our lunch at the lavender bakery cafe in style. I love their food! Their broccoli salad with raisins, nuts and croutons was special. My girl was particularly pleased with our cafe setting.


Lego  Land

There’s no need for introduction to this place except a video to share the fun!

Take a look at our video HERE at my instagram.


Restoran 31

This place (click for address) is next to Goody Hotel at Bukit Indah.Their Yong Tau Foo and Wanton Noodles are hearty starters for breakfast!


Wang kok 

We happened to just settle for this coffeeshop (click for address) and was treated to more delicious local food! Their Nasi Lemak’s fried chicken is oomph, the fish soup beehoon was fresh and tasty, the wanton noodles Q Q bouncy with good char siew, and there’s this interesting mee tai mak claypot too!


Golden Plus One Restaurant

This Kopitiam was another drop in that we dined in. Their char kway teow was gone before I could take a photo. Ok, I forgot to take it… I took the interesting chee cheong fan instead. It has a lot of other ingredients like our ngor hiam and fishballs yong tau foo selection to go with.


Malacca our annual Visit

We booked Fenix Hotel as usual. It is near to all the malls and walking distance to Jonker street. This hotel has become a familiar abode where the car park attendant greets us with happy recognition. Their car park service is safe and great.



This new playground was the highlight of the kids’ trip!



I like the cassia seeds ‘sand pit’ instead of the usual sand. As you can see,it was a hit with the kids and parents since after digging and diving into the cassia seeds pit, they still emerge clean and spotless unlike the sand.


Other than the ball pits, mini dress up sections, there’s a mini ‘pond’ that they can fish up sea creatures in water.


Jeju Korea Restaurant

This is our first try at BBQ korean food. The full house attests to its quality. We had the usual Ginseng chicken soup which was heavenly compared to other places. Their seafood set together with the BBQ were sumptuous!


Jonker Street‘s fresh oysters satiated my hubby’s senses with unbelievably great price!


This trip has been a delectable treat for the spirit, body and mind. Simple pleasures allowing our family to eat, play, read and shop abundantly! What more can we ask? We thank God for this lovely trip to experience as a family.

Tis the time to REST and RELAX, ENJOY and SAVOUR your hols!

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    • Hi Christy, just click on the playground link. It’s pahlawan mall. Usual price 40rm but on promo so rm29. Yes. We usually watch movies when we go for our trips. Too ex to watch here. : )

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