GrowingHearts is 3 YO!

As the year comes to an end, I find it timely to recall why I started this blog. As mentioned in Why Blog? I had benefitted richly from other bloggers and I wish to share with others in return. I also share on how one should not read a blog if it causes you to envy or stumble and it is only an excerpt of a blogger’s life Here.

The thing about our western counterparts that I admire – they share their hard work of developing lessons/activities freely and generously online which is not as strong in our calculative Asian mindset. Whatever resources that I had learned from others and developed on my own, I share freely. Just because i suppose it will benefit you.

This blog therefore records all types of educational activities that I deem enriching to my kids and hopefully, you would catch on the spark of ideas for your own. When my kids were younger and I had the luxury of time, activities were aplenty. Now, with my 2 boys entering Primary school plus working on a daily part time basis, my blog has morphed into more of a personal sharing platform. I have less activities to show and more musings as a parent.

This blog now serves as a record of the beautiful memories of their childhood playfulness and in very much the same purpose, to offer a peek in how we teach our children in their next stage. Art activities will be trickled down as I believe each of them have unique interests that they wish to pursue. The one who wants to do art with me, I will gladly nurture. However, with the start of 2017, I wish to develop more independent learners in them. I am thinking more of study skills, time management and a family language building strategy for now.

Instead of spoonfeeding my kids, it is time to do the above for more self directed learning.

As a trained Educator, I believe in the wholesome growth of the child

  1. Spirit – Faith
  2. Body – Physical
  3. Soul – Emotional being
  4. Mind- intellectual

This explains why I blog down any activities that I engage with my kids. They contribute to the whole being of the child person. As far as art is concerned, I am content that they had a rich experience in their younger days. The rest of the art journey will be determined on their own interests and flair. I also trust that our Schools have sufficient input for them to continue learning about the arts.

I am considering if I should create a new blog just for my students’ artworks and sharing of ideas? It will be a totally new journey to share! What do you think? : )

Starting this blog has ignited a wonderful spark in my life. It is also a platform where purposeful reflections and accountability occur.

Through this blog, I have also made new friendships and learnt precious lessons on social media connection. It is always a delicate balance to weigh on how much and how deep to share online. Above all, I wish to proclaim God’s faithfulness in this lil blog of mine. To give Jesus all the honour and glory in growing our 123 hearts.

Lastly, A SPECIAL THANK YOU for being a part of our journey these 3 years!

Do feel free to comment or give me feedback via e-mail if you wish to know more of an area I can assist you in.

14918927_10154117392802712_6508367852431471393_o(Calligraphy Credit: S.H )

Wishing You a Great Start to a ReNewed 2017 Year ahead!

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2 thoughts on “GrowingHearts is 3 YO!

  1. Happy Blogvarsary Angie. I’m always so encouraged by your blog especially your faith led parenting journey. After blogging for a while, I’ve come to realise that we need to do it for us to keep the joy in blogging 🙂 happy blogging.

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