Unforgettable Sands of the Sisters’ Island!


(Prior to the performance, the musicians went around getting us to play and guess what their instruments were.)

We are not expected to do a post review on Ding Yi’s  The Legend of the Sisters’ Islands Multisensory performance. After our attendance, I had immediately went for our hols trip so I did not have time to blog on it.

Here’s my short and i would say very much biased review as an art teacher! ; p

The performance was beyond what we had anticipated.

Mainly because

  •  audience were invited to participate in the musical journey with streamers for our dramamtic waves of the sea and clap to the beats of the dance! We practiced for a good 5mins or more before we immersed ourselves in their story together.
  • it was musically enthralling from the cosy ensemble.
  • Javanese Dancer Mr Garrett Kam danced with such grace and fluidity behind -the sister’s masks for a moment and blowing with rage as the devil’s piracy the next.
  • the engaging Conductor who calls himself Quek Quack so that the kids can remember him, quacked a great performance from not only his skillful brood of musicians, but also established great rapport with us the audience. My boys laughed their heads off with his witty remarks.
  • Composer Wang Chen Wei’s music worked magic.
  • and last the most intriguing (yes, we are biased),

we marvelled at Lawrence Koh’s mystical changes of scenes with his wind of sandy hands!

My boys were blown away by his sand performance. A stated, ” He is a professional Sand Artist!’ while J exclaimed,” He must be a Great Artist to do that!”

So now you can clearly see how biased we are. We went to take a photo with him and was rewarded with the privilege of touching his sandbox! He gave useful tips to me, the art teacher on how this sand is imported from USA, not being the normal beach sand. IT is artificial sand that will work on the sand box. I was glad he mentioned it as I wanted to get some beach sand to try?! ; p

The photos will speak on how pleased we were in meeting him!






My boys declared this was the best performance they had seen and thanked me for bringing them there. A winner also e-mailed me to thank me for the giveaway tickets as they too enjoyed the show as much as we did.

Now you shouldn’t be surprised if I am biased towards Mr Lawrence right? ; )

Here’s his facebook which show lotsa cool videos on his sand art aniimation! Meanwhile, I will be mulling over how I can DIY a sandbox art for my kids… ok… also for myself!

Thank You Ding Yi Music Company for such a wonderful evening!

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