Starting Afresh!

How is your New Year so far? : )

This year began with much positive spirits as our family excitedly begin work and kids cannot wait to be back to school! My hubby’s tagline is – 有工作做是好事! 没有工作做才需要担心。(It is good to have a job to work at. We need to worry if we do not have a job to do.) Let’s give thanks and rejoice that we have work to do!


I am glad we completed this cot painting project in a bid to further upcycle our used to be DIY Mobile Art Cot Station. The kids have outgrown quite a bit and use less materials plus they tend to dump a lot of stuffs on the already full station. Having decluttered the station, I plan to hammer in new ideas on this cot!


Kids felt like real professional painters!


Ta-Dah! Here’s the decluttered New space for dreaming, creating and messing around! The left section is our DIY drumming set for J to practice his drummin till we are convinced he deserves his own drumset? You can peep at his drummin @ my ig HERE.


It feels good to see how this space is used for free creation. E is still at the preschooler stage and has time to dabble around.


‘Mama, which is stronger? fire or water?’ Then I found this topic inspired her masterpiece. She insisted on black clouds. Somehow she manages to paint a balanced composition. I love the bold fiery pure red contrasting against the blues. The black clouds gave her painting the stability and added interest to the colour scheme. Or am I biased? ; P


An additional direction to the new year, is the below set of values we drew out from a wooden signboard we had purchased. We found it apt to develop as a family.

  1. Tell the Truth Proverbs 12:22
  2. Work Hard Colossians 3:23
  3. Keep our Promises Romans 4:21
  4. Count our Blessings Psalm 34: 1-3
  5. Love One Another 1 Peter 1:22
  6. Have Fun Proverbs 15:13


I felt like the past period(sept-Nov 2016) have been put on hold for my family. My unfit health prevented me from doing much as whatever energy I had, was directed to teach other children. I was left with little for myself and family. Time alone with kids diminished, singing at night faded, journaling halted and teaching time did not happen. Only routine that stayed was our nighttime prayers and their free play extended.

This year, after a necessary rejuvenation from Dec holidays, I regained my back to normal self. Learnt precious lessons on how to Grow my Heart and Habits as well as slowly take literal steps to portion my life.

Here’s a start of our 1 to 1 dates with each of my kid. It feels great to restart this precious routine. A is growing way too fast in height and talks lesser now. I succeeded to get him share more after threatening, ‘No library time until you share 3 more incidents in school.’ ; p


J was excited to petwindowshop. But Sorry buddy, 3 of you are enough for mummy.We ain’t getting a pet yet….


As for E, we have a one week, picnic, the next week tea time @ the mall arrangement. We fulfilled our picnic reads this week. It’s a luxury and privilege to buy Teh and Milo from the Kopitiam and settle down at the park beside it. E finally shed her shyness and bought her first pancake all by herself. I left for work with a sandy girl waving goodbye.


I have also kick-start my engine in teaching my girl. Her LAST preschool year. Treasuring such luxurious moments of peanut crisp on top of Teh-Si in the lovely greens. I have ceased in her lapbooking for the last year. This year, I wish to complete 2 more before her P1 entry. I hope to keep time for play instead. E is starting to read on her own recently. We will be focusing on her mandarin using 四五快读. I find this chinese series manageable to follow.  Read a review Here. I’ve heard of the challenges faced in more abstract characters in book 3 onwards. One key strategy I use in aiding the learning of each character is the use of simple meaningful actions, drawings, matching words to bring out the essence of the character/word. It does not matter whether you use this series or not. If we can be creative in our connecting of the words using the above strategy, your child can learn any character more effectively. I have used the above strategy to help my boys learn their chinese in school. I will be working on this strategy and hope to blog a beneficial post on it. You can sneak peek at my ig video of E’s reading Here. My goal is to share a meaningful learning journey with our Chinese language.

15974922_10154320199762712_3851461428957389131_o 1-16106172_10154325137167712_1210184527_o

On my personal fitness list, is to regain my running by walking. It’s been 4 months since I last jogged. This patient walking will help my aging bones to transit back to jogging injury free.


What better timing of finding this whimsical artist Maira Kalman, who journaled her ‘Favourite things’? I have to JUST GO WALK and eat healthily too. : )


Talk about eating, due to a recent change in my domestic helper, I have been cooking from scratch. Training S to cook gave me a lot of opportunities for creative cooking which explains my recent ig food photos. It helps me to remember my dishes so I can recreate them again. I will only post my food photos on ig as my blog will still be focused on education and personal sharing.

Lastly, having transited from a SAHM (StayAtHomeMum) to a PTWM (PartTimeWorkingMum), I am beginning to appreciate and welcome the changes in this stage of life. Having a deeper hindsight into my own struggles, I recognise that staying home long-term is not my goal. I desire to teach beyond my own family. I love to teach others too. I wish to educate the mass – both the privileged and underprivileged Art. During the times when our kids were young and needy, my hubby and I were resolute in serving in church, be it him alone or me in any other ways. Once the Lord showed us to lead a group, we were glad to take it up. Mainly because it helps us look beyond ourselves, into God’s Kingdom’s purposes.

A good friend wisely summed up my SAHM moments as a SEASON. As the Lord had ‘enforced’ me to return to MOE, I take more delight this year in the new challenges ahead. When my children were young, time was spent in nurturing and training them. Now, it is time to slowly let go bit by bit as they are growing up into their own unique persons. I realise with my tendency to have full control, it could be stifling to my growing kids if I were to continue as a SAHM. The time apart while I work, provides a good space for respite and personal space for all of us to grow. Simultaneously, I can invest my energy on other children and do what I enjoy. Teach.

Embracing the portion that the Lord has assigned, liberates me to drink my cup cheerfully.


What is YOUR SEASON for Now?

Is it Winter where tears are like constant snowdrops, leaving you cold and dreary?

Take Heart, it will not last forever.

Is it Spring where all around blooms in full serenity?

Treasure it while it lasts.

Is it Summer where the heat sometimes scorches yet gives you abundant light to grow strong and tall?

Bear with it a while and make the most of such vibrant opportunities.

Is it Fall, where things come to a lull and the time for stillness begins? 

Tarry and be patient. Find joy in slowing down.

Without the changes of seasons, we cannot fully appreciate the fullness of life.

May You find the strength, joy and hope needed in all seasons of your life as you dwell under the Shadow of the Almighty.

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