Cold Storage Kids Run 2017 (Review)

5.40am. ‘Mama! mama! Time to go for the run!’ chirped my eldest who promised to wake me up upon his alarm signaled.

I figured it would be ridiculous to travel by MRT from the East to Sentosa. We settled breakfast in a jiff, as usual, gotten all stuffs packed the night before and called Grab (usually efficient). But this time round, the Grab driver took his own sweet time and we hailed a nearby taxi upon cancelling the slow coach.

With hubs overseas, I got my domestic helper along to jagar(take care) of the kids as I will be involved in a race with my girl. The trip there was smooth since it was pitch dark at 6.30am. We arrived at 7am and easily identified the holding area.

We arrived at 7am and proceeded to wait for A’s 9-11YO race event. This year, the stalls and tents are closer together so it was easier to locate the different areas. It is always interesting to see a huge crowd of parents bringing their kids to join this annual event. More about the event-

28 May – Over 9,000 children and their family members and supporters enjoyed a morning of family bonding, healthy eating and wholesome fun at the 10th Cold Storage Kids Run.

The 10th edition of Asia’s and Singapore’s longest-running event centered around children was held for the first time at the State of Fun, Sentosa. Previous editions had been held in locations around Singapore and this year’s event with its ‘Going Places Healthy Paces’ theme was designed to encourage children to lead an active lifestyle and to eat healthy from a young age.

Babies as young as six months old in strollers pushed along by their parents, toddlers between two and four accompanied by their parents and children between the ages of five to twelve running in non-competitive and competitive categories all enjoyed a scenic and breezy running route along Palawan Beach.

Cold Storage health and wellness mascots like Appleton, Banana King, Gardenia Bread, Cerelac Bo Bear, Zespri Kiwi, Magnolia Cow and Vitagen were onsite to cheer on all participants along the route and mingled with finishers for selfies and wefies. Upon crossing the finish line, all children enjoyed healthy post-race snacks like bananas, milk, fruit cups, red and green apples for free.

The post-race Carnival was a certified hit with all children as there was a Transformer truck with Optimus Prime giving away free toys, theReadySteadyKids area where kids can test themselves at nine different sports stations, take part in fun relays or enjoy interactive games like Popcorn Parachute, Rainbow Wall and Escape the Zoo. Around the Carnival was not one but five bouncy castles for the children to enjoy.’

1-18870144_10154725524717712_1988594765_o (1)

More about our race. The holding area was as expected, crowded with the participants and parents trying to make sense of the starting time and grabbing a we-fie or have a good shot of their kids in the pen holding area. I was wondering if having a pre-holding area for the next event participants to gather might help in the rush and squeeze of the main holding area?

As you can see, there’s a whole lot of sponsors for this event and we had a very refreshing ending after our run!


The MC and crew IC were professionals entertaining us during the waiting time for each event. They also reminded the children to be good sportsman, be safe and enjoy the race. From below, the kids are all set to run!


The finishing line was a good ending with aplenty of space and retrieval of our kids were swiftly managed. However, the starting point can be improved. It is normally where parents and supporters are eager to send their children off. There was a bottleneck and a squeeze. I guess it was due to the narrow route of the Sentosa roads as well.

Other than that, we had a great running experience! I loved how the Mario Bros costumes made this duo stand out so cheerily!

We were caught in action! It’s really a great delight to run with my girl as she is now able to run with greater motivation! On a side note, as her sports shoes were spoilt from the last run, she made do with this pair of rubber Plain Janes for our run with no complaints. : ) Just Run Lah!


J seriously giving his best shot!


At the end of the whole event, despite the different timings, I was glad we all made it and enjoyed the rewarding treats from all the sponsors!

There were free paddle pops ice-cream that we shared, magnolia fresh milk, Vitagen, fresh Peel juices and more! What else more can we ask for? The kids were really pleased with the treats and were energised to take the express train to Vivocity. If my hubby were around, we might go for the carnival and Sentosa sightseeing, but it was enough an event for me that day. : P



Thank You Cold Storage Kids Run and Congratulations to a 10th Year Anniversary!!!

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Disclaimer: We were given 3 complimentary race slots for the purpose of the pre-event shoutout. All photos without GrowingHearts’ watermark belongs to Cold Storage Kids Run 2017. All rights reserved. Unless otherwise stated, you may not use it without permission.

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