DreamWorks Carnival Run and Fun 2017

My hubs and I rushed from our Marriage retreat to fetch our kids for the Dreamworks race and carnival. The plan was for me to walk a jog with J the 5km race, while papa takes the rest to enjoy the carnival. It was supposed to be a good opportunity for me to bond with my middle child.  Therefore, I purchased the carnival tickets for the other 3 to give the kids a treat in this first Asia Dreamworks Day: Website | Facebook | Instagram.  I like the comfortable T-shirts and love the canvas tote bags!


On the day itself, since our race was at 5.15pm, we reached around 4.45 to our inconvenience, there was a long trail of cars waiting to turn into 11 Rhu Cross. Hubs decided it was futile to wait and he dropped us at Singapore Indoor stadium while I made my way with the 3 musketeers. J at this point was a grumpy Shrek as he had been awoken from his car nap. It was a pain to drag them especially J who complained about how tired he was and refused to run with me. What a great start to bond with him eh?

I was feeling my patience wearing out when their papa came to the rescue and cheered J slightly with his piggyback! We passed by the bus stop at Costa Rhu Condo and there was a bad jam. The 2 lanes were sealed as a few drivers decided to barge into the other lane and end up having a whole trail of bus and cars at a dead-end. A good thing that there was someone to usher and try to regain control of the situation. A driver was so stressed that he blamed the dreamworks goers for his misfortune as he could not get to his home. I think this would be something the organisers could improve on for their future events. As this is an evening race, the traffic will be massive. A lot of families with kids will drive to the venue.


By the time we reached the race site, we had done our ‘warm up’ which contributed to J’s misery and was in time for the flag off.


We managed to catch Kung Fu Panda before starting the complaining journey….


Basically, J was unprepared to do a 5km race, in his mind he mistook the race as 800m dash. Then he was envious that his siblings get to enjoy the carnival while he has to run with me! The first half of the race was a torture for us. I tried my best to distract him and encourage him, scold him, reason with him. Nope, shuffling feet, dragging one foot at a time, and eventually had a hip-joint pain due to the lack of proper stretching. I just prayed and eventually told him if he does not change his attitude, the tickets will not be kept for him. Reluctantly, he started to jog.

We finally reached the water station to our dismay, there was a long Queue. I discovered that people were drinking at the water station itself and not moving which caused the major jam. This train could be reduced if the marshalls actively remind participants to take the drink and move forward. However, we are still grateful for a water point! J and I were refreshed after the drinks and his mood dramatically improved! He chirped,” Mama, ok, let’s run now!’

Funny how this change uplifted my mood and the scenery was finally soaked in with greater appreciation by us! We even caught sight and enjoyed the NDP sky actions!


Frankly, if I had not purchased the tickets to the carnival, things might end up an anti climax? As much as it has been a ‘chore’ for the parents to bring our kids here, the carnival that Dreamworks threw, blew our kids’ away with fun and aplenty of yummylicious food that I forgot to take photos of!

There’s the promised big screen movie marathon under the highway, many game stalls, and a food galore. J immediately lit up and scampered using all his tickets on FOOD! Nacho Chips with creamy cheese dip, ice-creams and churros to name some. A, on the other hand spent on games like this blow wind blow tent.


See what I mean? My lil Shrek has regained his chirpy stride with all the comfort food and fun.


One of the HIGH-lights for my girl that she willingly waited for almost 2 hours! *Gasp* all thanks to the patient pair of jiejies (big sisters) who took over our duties so we could return to our marriage retreat!!! *Blessed*** I would have just asked her to skip this… Because of their patient care, we see the HIGH-lights of her climb! I was impressed that she was not afraid of the height.


Without the ladies below, we could not enjoy our couple’s retreat! Thank you for the patient care!! The kids also coloured the canvas bags with sharpies. I even had a toddler coming to me, stroking my canvas bag until his parent told him to stop touching! : )


So there, we left our kids in the care of our cell mates and retreated back to our hotel. To that, we are most grateful to God for making all these possible! I will be sharing what we have learnt from our marriage retreat too!

Overall take-away.

What can be improved :

  1. Location to be more accessible for cars and public tranport goers.
  2. More marshalls along the route and ushering of participants to pick up the drink and move on.
  3. Bibs to be labeled with our names for accuracy in distributing to participants. (my son was given  the 800m dash bib instead of 5km. It was a good thing that the person who gave us the medal allowed him to receive his medal after my explanation.)

What the kids love :

  1. Kung Fu panda mascot
  2. The exciting games
  3. The galore of food
  4. The mega movie screening
  5. Ballon rock climbing

What We like :

  1. the heavy duty medal beauty
  2. the calm and spacious scenery
  3. the canvas bags we can colour in
  4. the quality caps and T shirts


At the end of the day, I was glad that J and I did manage to have a positive time of bonding and J was encouraged that he actually completed the race which he disliked at the onset!


Lastly, I am very happy to bump into our Running support group of Singapore Mom Bloggers From left, Xavvy-licious, Dino-mama and Mummy Ed ! Thanks to mummies like them and more, my running journey with my family lacks no motivation!

Disclaimer: We were given 2 complimentary race for the purpose of the post-event shoutout. The carnival tickets were not sponsored. All opinions are 100% from the blogger. All photos belongs to GrowingHearts123. All rights reserved. Unless otherwise stated, you may not use it without permission.

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  1. Oh my goodness. I can imagine the traffic at the area. Kind of thankful that I didn’t go, else the hubb will be so put off. LOL. And way to go for you to not give up and encourage your son throughout the 5km!

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