Ice-Ski Painting Celebration!

To my kids’ surprise, they could not recall this same activity that they had done during their toddler days Here. However, as they did the activity, the familiarity of it returned.

My girl enjoys creating and making art. For her 6th birthday, we settled on an Arty Party! As it was a small play date gathering with her few classmates, I plunged into the ice-ski preparation with E.

Party Pack Favours: We cut up coloured papers and made booklets, sorted and divided all the various packets of embellishments we have, bought a bottle of paint for each person and got a white pen for their coloured background drawing.

Heart at work below! Sometimes I wonder if it is worth the effort going through so much preparation with the kids for their birthdays… Then I recollect such moments of working together and growing as a family, it makes all these worthwhile! Different strokes for different folks. Yeows just wanna have fun! Such celebrations will slowly cease as they grow older. Just Yeows way of building memories…




We scattered a few animal figurines and loose materials like glass beads and shells for their paint print play invitation.

Materials for Set Up and Play 

  • Ikea Shower curtains
  • plastic mats
  • huge cardboard boxes
  • long roll of paper
  • vanguard sheets for painting
  • paper plates for paint
  • tempura paints
  • recycled plastic containers for containing of ice coloured cubes
  • masking tapes (it can be easily unpeeled from the walls while providing strong support)
  •  gloves
  • old clothes
  • rags
  • silicone cube tray (silicone makes it malleable and easy to poop out those cubes)
  • glass beads, plastic ‘ice cubes’, tiny animal toys, seashells and Kutih Kutih
  • old curtains or cloths will come in handy too


E hard at work unpicking the big staple bullets from the stiff cardboxes. E learns why using a key is effective in levering up the staple bullet (physics). How the levering act saves us from using too much strength to unpick. She also questioned why the need for such huge staples. Thanks to my friend, who passed us her leftover cardboxes from her moving house, we can have a blast! Then we had to mix food colouring with water and freeze them with lil Kutih Surprises dunked inside! The colours turned out beautifully as it was a strong vibrant colour. However, the food colouring stains are harder to get rid of. That’s where gloves came in handy.


We recycled medicine bottles for our sticky affair! I poured white glue for the fun pack and also provided an ice cream stick to complete the DIY pack. To cover up the labels, we washi-taped them into chic babes!


Ta-Dah! Here’s our Arty Party favour Pack!


The below is a random drawing from one of her friend whose mum sent me. She loved the effects! And I love her journaling!1-20205744_10154869458227712_491292362_o-001


Ice-Ski in Action! To see the video, hop over to my instagram.

I imagined our set up was pretty well covered up until I saw the stairs was in danger of having some rainbow drops! Everything froze while I swiftly laid down our old thick curtains perfect for tying up the situation! It is no secret that ikea’s shower curtains are our best friend in covering us!






At the end of the party, I had to carry each child to the toilet for a 4 limbs scrub! There were 9 kids including mine. We washed up the play materials and they were extra pleased with their ‘catch’ which they could bring home. : )  The kinder joy was always a hit.

We had simple snacks from Old Chang Kee and a cake from four leaves. I also used our painted old cot as a backdrop for the ‘photo-booth’.

Those invited had their first experience with such mega Art Party. The glow and enjoyment on their faces gave me much joy to spread the passion for art!

As I celebrated my girl’s birthday, it also marks her last pre-school year. This will be my last year savouring the mornings with her before we enter a new primary phase next year. Perhaps that is one major reason why I wanted to make this party happen before they outgrow such childlike plays.

Savouring their growing up days.

How are you savouring your days?

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  1. Happy birthday to your girl! Just realize she and my girl is same age. I still recall the “My Little Pony” party you did for her last year and the pdf you sent me! Time flies!

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