A Life in Exchange for Many Others (Blessed Teacher’s Day)

Last year, as Teacher’s Day passed, I realised we had forgotten to show appreciation to a very important group of Teachers. I had penned a tribute HERE for teachers in all walks of life.

They are the silent ones who serve weekly without expecting any forms of rewards. They do not get paid for their hard work, enthusiastic and passionate teaching. They just faithfully give of their time to prepare lessons and teach every Sunday to our children.

Yes, you guessed right. They are our church sunday school teachers. When kids were younger we would make gifts for them. However, as the teachers increased in Primary school, I totally forgot about our sunday school teachers. This year, I made sure we focused on them.

This post, I wish to celebrate our Spiritual Teachers/Mentors/Discipler/Pastor/Preacher/Cell Leaders who served the Lord by serving our little children and us, the sheep of the church.

It is not lifting them high on the pedestal kind of celebration. It is a down to earth appreciation of how God has moved such men and women to invest their life for the lives of many others.

How do they exchange their 1 life for Many Others?

By spending their time and energy in caring, teaching, getting involved in our lives and praying for the spiritual needs of the church. It is not defined by a physical church. It is the willingness to teach God’s words to anyone who is thirsty, in search for God. Our Sunday school teacher may come in every sunday to the church but their influence is beyond that sunday. The caring and ministering to the spirits are whenever there is a need for a listening ear and a prayer.

From a non-christian family, I experienced this intimate teaching of God’s words through the bible study of mentors (mainly from Navteens) who were willing to meet me after my school 1 to 1 or in a small group with me and my friends on a weekly basis. My Bible Study Teachers were professionals and carved out time to invest in our lives helping us develop a strong foundation in Christ Jesus. It was such faithful ministering from these mentors that instilled a passion for me to reach out to anyone in need, especially in their faith. It does not matter which church you are from, as long as there is a genuine seeking of God, when the Lord gives that opportunity, I am willing to share more about Jesus.

My first mentor taught me in Sec 1. She sowed the seed and now after decades, I am privileged to still keep in contact with her and be mentored in training my children! One lady had mentored me from JC till I got married. I will always thank God for His gracious hand upon me through this beloved elder sister. Another mentored me in my young adult and now she is the God granny of my kids. Her singleness in pursuing Christ and serving people just humbles me deeply. I seek to do the same.

I thank God for every one of these teachers who answered the call of teaching! We know that God will reward each of you for the labour of love in Him. May God continue to raise up harvesters to harvest and nurture His field!

This Teacher’s Day we just want to also show a small appreciation to let them know they have been such a spiritual blessing! The interesting lessons on life and how the bible can be relevant in our children’s lives, the word of encouragement, the prayers and patient nurturing of their faith in God and character. THANK YOU!

Gift Idea #1

As I shopped at Ikea, I wanted to get placemats to draw on. But passed it since it has to be wiped clean or washed. Not marker friendly.

Then a shelf of zipped canvas cases caught my attention! It was perfect low cost canvas for the kids to paint on! I counted, 20 pcs and happily made my purchases. It costs $1.90 each. You see, even with such low costs, it still adds up to about $40. I had a budget to work with 3 kids’ = 7×2 teachers +1×4. This is excluding the sunday school teachers.

Imagine my delight when my budget and all the criteria was met! We set out to work 2 weeks before Teacher’s Day.

Materials Needed 

  1. Canvas case
  2. Giotto Markers, permanant markers and Sharpies (can be found in popular)
  3. Old cookie cutters and shape templates
  4. Brushes
  5. Acrylic Paint/ fabric paint
  6. Table mat
  7. Jug of water to wash the brushes


We used the Cookie cutters to paint the shapes and let it dry. For such a project, simple big shapes are easy and fast for lil hands.


You can see how my boy used the shapes to form a ‘muscle man’ for his P.E teacher. They all have their own patterns.


After drying, they used markers to decorate their own designs. The cases below are all from my girl. I love how she added playful characters to her shapes! The boys on the other hand, were satisfied with their painting. They just added ‘Happy Teacher’s Day’ to the case. I respected their decision since it were their own creation. The only part that I taught her was the blue skies, because it had a blue stain. So, I took the opportunity to teach her how to see that as a ‘beautiful oops!’ I taught her to create a blue sky by shading a bit and the rest she did on her own.



This art reminds me of how each child is uniquely made. Different shapes with different character and qualities. We are thankful for Teachers who make a difference in their lives.


Gift Idea #2

I had it all planned out. The handpainted cases will go to only the Form Teachers and the Sunday School Teachers. The rest of the subject teachers  I will buy granola snack bars to be given with their handmade cards. As I was at Bras Besah yesterday, there weren’t any supermarkets. I did not want to waste time traveling to one. Therefore I scouted around to see what i could get instead of the snack bars. I saw these white Othello magnet disks at a bookstore. It was shouting ‘DOODLE ME!’

I got excited and went to search for them in Popular. The rest is history.


Initially, I had wanted to wrap the backing of the magnet holder to cover it up, but it would be too thick and too much work. Then I searched my art drawers and found my printed cards! That gave me the idea of cuttin them to the size of the backing and it acted as a note card as well. The kids got down to work once we reached home yesterday. It took about 2 and a half hours to complete the sets for their subject teachers.

1)white or black magnets
2) white/silver/gold fine tip markers for black magnets
3) Black Sharpie or any permanent black markers for white magnets
4) if you want colours, get Giotto brand that type that states it colours on any surfaces.
5) Card prints cut to size of magnet holder where you can write your note as well.


The markers were slightly tricky to use as it leaked when the kids pressed too hard. Otherwise, it was a success!


The leaked and ‘Oops’ magnets. The bottom left was a beautiful oops art touched up by me from their ‘failed’ attempts. I have yet to create more beautiful oops. A few which they made mistakes, minor ones, they learnt how to see the beauty in them and creatively redesigned something else. On the left is my girl’s childlike simple doodle.





The best part about these gifts? They’re inexpensive, easy to buy and practical for teachers and great for ANY doodling. You do not need to ‘know’ how to draw, just Doodle and design anything you like! Personally, I would love to have them!


The beauty of this project, you can do the simplest doodle or the most intricate design as an artist, it will still look great! Below is my magnet doodle for the spiritual teacher who mentored me in my young adult and now mentoring my children. As we have been so richly blessed, I pray our family can be one who invest in other people’s lives to spur each other on in Christ Jesus.




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