My Little Climbing Room Rocks! (Review)

Initially, when I entered My Little Climbing Room, with all honesty, it did not impress me due to the tiny corner of this tight space. Not until the real climbing began!!

Challenges and Caters to different age group 

This taught me not to judge a place by the space! The kids were unstoppable, climbing without resting to reach their goals and complete the obstacle cards below. It is more to it than meets the eye. I had reservations on the wall scaling which seemed quite low and ‘easy’ for my bigger boys. However, the carefully planned materials provided varying degrees of difficulty levels to challenge all (kids) ages.


Child and Parent Bonding Time

The friendly instructors helped wear the harness for the kids and gave the group a briefing on how to belay our kids. You heard right. This company believes in a hands on approach where a parent has to do the belaying for the kid! Just my cup of tea. : ) The only problem- I have 3 kids and only 2 parents. We can of course enlist the help of the instructor, but in the end, the kids took turns for us to work with them. While waiting 1 of them would climb the walls that did not require belaying.

Having said that, you are free to approach the friendly instructors if you need help in encouraging or guiding the kids to climb.


Different Coloured Wall Features

I like the clear systematic idea of having each wall coloured with a solid colour and presenting different unique feature for an exciting experience!

The below wall featured hoola hoops to climb through that challenged the arm strength having to do a ‘squatting position’ climb then up and to the right side. It was a great challenge for my eldest since he is tall.


This blue cornered wall, utilised an iPad to create random numbers for climbers. Instructors also gave E multiple challenges – how about touching 9-7-3?

This was a quite easy and fun for E.


This white wall creatively employed technology (Augmented Reality) to time the speed of touching those ‘lit circles’ which would produce a beep sound when tapped. The kids loved to tap them as they could see their speed timed. Check out how they played at my instagram HERE.


The below is a 30mins game conducted by the instructors. It was a simple but endless fun dancing to the super adorable music! Kids can dance and move around with the blue light and ‘swim’ around but when it turns red, they all scrambled up as fast as they could affixed to the nearest wall! It was as hilarious and entertaining to us the adults as it was to the kids! View my instagram video HERE.



Tiny Playground for Tiny Todds (erm, and my kids)

For those with kids below 3yo, it will be at a half price of $11. They can be occupied with the below exercise playthings and there is also a mini kitchen at a corner. To view them in action, view my instagram video HERE. J loved to climb the monkey bar.


Verdict from my hubby: spent the afternoon at this new play place which has a range of challenges for the kiddos. Small space but yet it managed to keep them actively occupied for a good 1.5 hours. Took us a bit of time to locate this ulu place but it’s a gem of a place to expend all this energy. And have the legendary Simon Road Char Kway Teow and Orh Lua for dinner


Personalised Gestures

What warms my heart is the effort taken to plan and provide a memorable experience here for us to bring home. One of the game was a simple climb to reach their cute animal ‘prize’ placed on the ‘rock’. Your departure is a sweet memory of the photographs  captured for each child! How thoughtful is that?!


My kids thoroughly enjoyed this visit and kept asking me when will we return! We’ll definitely be back! They had completed almost all the obstacles and I think they wish to conquer their last unattempted ones the next time.


MLCR Information / FAQ by The Little Climbing Room

  1. Per session will run as follows: 30 mins of free play, followed by 30 mins of group games, and lastly another 30 mins of free play.
  2. Weekday sessions are unlimited play time with the group games conducted every 2 hours.
  3. Our max capacity is 15 children at each session.
  4. Due to limited capacity, online booking is highly encouraged.
  5. Each admission pass admits one child and one adult.
  6. For each paying child, an adult admits for free. Additional adult at $5 each.
  7. Although we are built for kids, the whole facility is rated safe even for adults that are much heavier.
  8. Our walls are built by the parent company of Climb Central (the one at Kallang Wave Mall @ Sports Hub)
  9. We do parties as well.


My Little Climbing Room’s Grand Opening is on 30th September 2017.

During the Grand Opening Weekend (30/9 & 1/10), admission pass is discounted from the usual rate of $22 to $15. On top of that, they also have

  1. Free Popcorn, Candy Floss for everyone
  2. Speed competition for kids to win special prizes

Do follow them for more updates: Web | Facebook | Instagram

Disclaimer: We were invited for their pre-opening event and received 5 complimentary passes for the purpose of this review. All opinions are 100% from the blogger. All photos belongs to GrowingHearts123. All rights reserved. Unless otherwise stated, you may not use it without permission.

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  1. I think it’s so cute that there’s an eraser prize at the end! Would even motivate me.
    I think rock climbing is great exercise for kids too, in air-conditioned comfort yay.

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