Will It be a Care-Free Childhood Days?

Are you stressing over Year End Exams SA2? Or are you already planning how to celebrate Children’s Day with them?

For us, the celebration started last weekend on 1st October, where papa planned a simple library visit, swimming fun and Mac delight for our kids! I was down and more than glad for them to enjoy while I also enjoy my peace on earth at home resting.


As I considered the progress we made in our growth mindset journey, (which I will update in another post) I marvel at how much our home environment has changed since my post on Have Faith in Missing Out.

No longer do I the ‘gan jiong’ (anxious) mother bark frantically at my kids to do revision. Instead, my heart is at peace trusting the Lord to be their guide. I noticed that even my prayers are not surrounding on their exams but praying for the peace and grace of God to envelope them in this period and how they can be of good cheer.

A heartening thing, was the fact that my boys started to become more self motivated in their own revision! These few weeks, I just simply remind them to be responsible. ‘Do what you need to do.’ By now, they are familiar with their after school routine. 1) Complete homework. 2) Do a few pages of assessments. 3) Study in blocks of 30-40mins and take a 10min break. After completing their portion then it’s off to void deck to play/free play and dinner.

The only times I step in was when A needed help in his science revision. Basically he has to read up his Text book and mindmap, then apply into his science assessment according to the topic studied. Then self mark the work. I will check on Saturday his mistakes and those open ended questions that requires more accuracy. Then he copies the answer onto a post it note. It helps highlight attention to correct his understanding as he can take the post it out and re-test himself the next time. I will monitor this area until this becomes a habit as in all other habits.  We have become more process oriented and the results are not in my radar. It is however to him I think though he does not mention, but that will be for another post.


We still carry out our One to One dates with each child once a week. Papa has taken up this practice in the recent months as well.


Our Favourite Haunt!




A few weeks ago we also rose to the occasion of babysitting our nephews! This is how it feels like to have a taste of 5 kids 2,4,6,8,9. Thankfully in 1 day only. Program: Eat, power nap, Play, Repeat minus the nap. This scene was after the program part1. After a show part2 continued. Now I know when people say fun to play a day because we can return the boys back to their parents!😁 So fun!!! So adorable our nephews! All knocked out by nightfall Big and small.

#adayinalifewith5kids#eatsleepplayrepeat #letthechildrenplay #letthechildrenbebored#letthechildrencreate #sgmumblogger#sporemumbloggers #sgparentblogger


Kids continue to surprise me with their DIY projects playing and tinkling on their own when I am occupied with work and they have completed their revision. Below are the cardboard pieces from E which turned into magnets, the pop up words typed out from E’s computer and J’s birthday gift for E his version of computer and punny mouse! You can check out the instagram of his works at Insta computer , Insta DIY foosball


We also went for our Outdoors Book Picnicking after a long hiatus!

Hands on Symmetry learning. A delight to have a school that thoughtfully provides such activity pack for our weekend bonding and learning. I don’t have a mirror outside. So I used my receipt to act as the symmetry line. Then took turns to create 1 half of the design using the shapes while my girl create the symmetrical pattern. I purposely did a mistake and my girl has to explain why it doesn’t look right. I find this activity such a creative and stimulating exercise. Taking a photo of the design gave her a clearer picture if the design is truly symmetrical. #greatsymmetryactivity#symmetry #symmetryshapes #schoolwork#learningsymmetry #funpack #arteducation#symmetricalpattern #sgmumbloggers#sporemumbloggers #sgparentblogger


My Little Climbing Room that I reviewed Here was a great time of bonding for the family! Katapult was today’s latest indoor playground that Papa brought kids for a round 2 of celebration since he knows he will not be free on Friday. I love how hubs always plans ahead and carves out time when there is work anticipated! I Thank God for a conscientious Dad in him! Hubs paid $10 for E who is 7years and below while $11 for the boys as student rate during a weekday.


As I reflect on their Childhood days, it is with no regrets staying home for a period of 6 years to nurture them. We seek to continue cultivating a care-free, God led living in the children’s lives, injecting joy in their normal routines amidst learning in our Singapore system. Care-free in the sense where they are not worried and pressured to perform beyond themselves. Care-free because we lead by example choosing not to worry or fret and direct them to  God’s love and sovereignty over their lives. I pray that the spark and joy of life will continue to grow and glow throughout their lives PSLE or O level or not.

See how they’ve grown?


May I encourage you all to treasure this long weekend, do what must be done and ENJOY, CELEBRATE and PLAY with your kids! Pray for them, pray over them, pray together with them the blessings and covering of the Holy Spirit to nourish their childlike faith!

Let’s Speak LIFE, Celebrate LIFE! Let me end with this classic song.

Jesus loves the little children.

See, He loves each one of your kids and my kids and ALL kids! Always a reason to celebrate our children, the gift from the creator.



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  1. Such a heartwarming post to read. I love that you schedule your one-on-one dates with your children. I want to do that too – lock it in my calendar and allocate just as much time to family as I do with work. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. I would do everything in my power to ensure my kids have a happy childhood (carefree would be bonus). Lov the one-on-one parent child session and we love to carry friend’s babies too (reminisce the smell, the innocence, the cuteness!)

    cheers, Andy

  3. Such a heartwarming post and love those DIY which my kids keep on doing every now and then!! I have to start one on one thing.

  4. Wonderful read this one is! How nicely you are ensuring that they get enough one on one time…I do that sometimes too but need to be more consistent.

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