Flowering Years to 40 (Great is Thy Faithfulness!)

2017 is coming to an end. A new chapter begins as I approach the big 4 next year.

My hubs had a creative way of approaching his big 4. He asked his closer friends to write a challenge for him to do each week to mark his 40th birthday. I was amused and also mused on what I could do.

As I flashback over the 39years of my life, I knew I wanted to do something to THANK GOD for His faithfulness. Just What was it?

As I looked at the flowers at the altar of my church, the beauty and radiance illuminated from the altar always gave me much comfort and delight! What is the significance of the flowers there?


Our GOD is the GOD of LIFE

HE is the Creator of Heaven and Earth

 This faithful service of flower arrangement by a sister in Christ somehow touched my heart. At a small cost to church, she never fails to give her best display of artistic and skillful expression to set apart this bouquet to the LORD every Sunday for donkey years!

I wondered how I could capture that faithfulness. Then this idea came:

To use my painting skills and capture the arrangement in tandem with the sermon of that sunday.

Simply put. I found a way to express my gratitude to the Lord. To mark my approaching 40. Each month I will be capturing a bouquet of sermon. Using the word of the Lord to express that faithful flowering.

Personally the Lord confirmed through many ways how this can and should be done. Through the church agreeing for me to bring back the big bouquet which my hubs effortfully lug back behind the car having a flower passenger belted for safety, the words ‘classic arts’ that was proclaimed aloud in church during a confirmation service, the flowers that looked up to the SONlight, the sermon on Looking Up to God and the whole experience of painting together with my kids. I knew I have to ‘exercise’ this skill/talent/gift that the Lord has blessed me. Because I basically do not like to paint. It takes a lot out of me each time I do. The only times I do paint is when I am moved to gift a person shared HERE. It is like giving away a part of me. From the intention, the significance and the processes of painting, I would rather read a book. : P

This coming year will therefore be a year of flowering in my artistic and spiritual expressions as we embark on this project to Praise the Lord!

Let the photos of our first work do the talking and lastly, the video of my HeArtfelt worship in song and works to the Lord.


A finger painted the roses while E did the cabbage flowers and basically helped me throughout with the lilies yellow base and the spread of the green foliage.



After the painting dried, I added the details with markers and finally cut out the words to complete the work.


I also took the opportunity to give a second life to the flowers by teaching the kids about science, the anatomy of the flowers. E also gave them a second life with her art process of installation!



This work was completed within an amazing 2 hours of painting together with the kids. The details took another few hours on my own. Today as I marvelled at the processes and product, I just want to give all glory and praise to the Almighty Father! As I used the prayer-book for the day, it opened my eyes to this tiny image of a flower looking Up to the Sonlight. AP stands for Answered Prayer. It was an answered prayer to all that we have experienced! Another confirmation of how we should keep on LIFTING UP our EYES to the only SONLIGHT no matter what challenges we face in life. By the way, the characters 仰望, 耶和华were purposefully placed from bottom up to bring out the ‘lifting up’ motion of looking to God above.


Here is my ending with my favourite worship song sung from the bottom of my heart in the video of our HeArt Process. May You too, be encouraged to look to the Lord.




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