Bye 2017, Hi New Year!

To have time for this post to close 2017 is a pleasant surprise.

I managed to complete my work before dateline which explains my extra time for this end of year reflections.

I had the following in mind for hols

  1. Declutter house
  2. Cook up new recipe storm with kids
  3. Complete the book 3 of 四五快读 and complete lapbook with E
  4. Read to them the new chinese chapter books I bought
  5. Start Bible Study of some sort with kids
  6. Blog on Growth mindset and lapbooking

God had other plans. The exact start of hols and I had to attend to the needs of a loved one. My hols became a stressful affair with the above and with kids while hubs was away for a week. Basically, I only managed to do ONE item throughout the whole hols.


I had no other brain energy to do the rest and could manage only the physical clearing of stuffs bit by bit. Kids were left to their own entertainment and helped clean up their own rooms. It was during the mid hols that I felt the burden wearing me down. Thank God for my sisters’ help, I was able to take the much needed break from everything to Austin.

After the refreshing break, things also improved at my side and I continued decluttering. I finally managed to recycle, throw, gift and donate stuffs extensively to the relief of my hubs!

As I reflected on this year, it is encouraging to know that I have learnt a great deal on how to PORTION my lot. This year’s workload is not any easier than last year. However, the ability to prioritise and portion my share helped me be at peace in the decisions I have made at home and at work.

A major lesson learnt. Accepting my limitations and capacity without losing the hope to dream big and let God reign. I am by nature, a ‘ganjiong spider’ – jittery and anxious to do things well according to my standards. I admire mums like mummywee who is chill and possesses steady nerves in her route to non-kiasu nurturing of her 6 kids. Greatly inspired by her example, I wish I could be as cool headed and gentle as her. In reality, I am the opposite. Nontheless, Praise be to God, the perfector of our faith and character, as I yield to the Holy Spirit’s leading, I am learning to grow in this area.

This year I started to loosen my tiger paw grips on my kids since March. By May I had a shift of perspective on the concept of failure in Smile! It’s Exams, time to grow and glow. The milestone of my personal growth was evident when my work laptop was completely erased after an update in A loss nothing compared to the gains (Sept). I let it go without resentment by His transforming grace.

This brings me back to the holidays where kids had been busy playing until this week! I finally started some basic routine of homework mode, getting them to do last year’s assessments and revise basic corrections of school exam papers/worksheets.  The result of our decluttering gave me great satisfaction, giving us a pleasant environment to look forward in 2018!

I had deconstructed the art station frame and upcycled the sides for our notices.

3 sets of clips for clear organisation for the 3 kids.

  1. Forms: To clip on notices from school
  2. Events: schedules and dates for school events
  3. School work: Spelling lists or projects


3 DIY mood boards for the kids to display their own stuffs. I propped up a notice board on A’s computer table for some stability since we do not have enough wall space for him to prop against.


Another sweet savour and milestone is the graduation of lil E from her Kindergarten! It was a year of treasuring the precious moments of spending personal time with her before I work. I thank God for a teachable spirit in her and know that she will have no problems transiting to P1. More importantly, her receptivity and thirst for learning will do her well in the journey called life.


A surprisingly pleasant event took place where J made a public drum performance last week. We were not aware that he had such opportunity to do so. Watching him totally engrossed to the beats of the rhythm, playing his best made my heart swell with pride. His restless nature unleashed had created funky music. It assured me that we made the right decision to let him follow this passion of his.

Meanwhile, he had been saving painstakingly for the time he can buy his drums for himself. We will match him dollar for dollar to motivate him. Some people are surprised that we do not have a drum set at home for him to practise. We figured the value of saving up for his own passion is more precious than just giving him instant gratification. It is also a way of testing to see if he is serious about this hobby of his. We do not wish to end up having a white elephant after a few months down the road. We are not in a hurry for him to practise his drum skills. It suffice that he is enjoying his drum sessions weekly and start humbly. Ultimately, this skill is to be a service to the Lord’s ministry. We have opened bank accounts for each child too.


Lastly, this year has been a year of fruitful artistic endeavours for me. I have never worked so hard to produce paintings at this scale and intensity. Only because of 1 thing. To be fully utilising the talent God has given to me to bless others. Next year will be another flowering year.

1-AA art

Thank you for following us this year!

Blessings to another NEW YEAR in 2018!


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