HADO an AR Game Come ALIVE! {Media Invite}

I am not a technology person, so I don’t fancy virtual games. Recently, our kids started playing games on the ipod a few weeks back from Papa’s initiative. I could feel the thrill of my boys as they played their virtual game albeit lasting 20mins or less.

When HADO invited us to try their Augmented Reality, I was hesitant. It looked like Virtual Reality until I saw their videos. My eyes were not playing tricks, the ‘hologram’-like virtual images were overlaid in real space and players were literally inside the game shooting their targets!!

How can that be? That caught my curiosity and we headed down for the real experience!

‘HADO (波动) is the first-ever sport based on wearable devices and Augmented Reality (AR) technology. You can start playing with a head mount display and motion sensors.

Unlike Virtual Reality (VR), you are not connected by cables and restricted to being in front of a screen. You can run freely and dynamically activate super powers with gestures, to attack your opponents or monsters’ (HADO website)

img1515246690974HADO Gears

Head mount display gear

Wrist band motion sensor




1) HADO Shoot Game

Goal of game: Shoot the cutey creatures, treasure boxes etc and gain points.

It is very much like Nintendo Wii, where one uses the hand movement to ‘shoot’ the targets. In this case, we played without any remote control nor wire inhibition and can be played by up to 4 players.










Video of HADO Shoot Game

In this video, you will see how we use the head display mount, a moment of pink splat of screen covering our display sight caused by A’s sabotage and the TV screen that translated the display into the Augmented Reality with our real life space action.

2) HADO Monster Battle (HMB)

Goal of game: To defeat the evil monsters and load to unleash special powers in the process!

This can be played by individuals or players can team up together to kill the horrible Monsters! Papa and I took turns to play with kids here. It was especially satisfying when we helped each other out and destroyed the mean beasts together! Yeow POW WOW! As you will see in my video that we had lots of big movements, but nothing campared to the last game! The arm that we used for the motion sensor, had the year’s workout. Our arms were tired from swinging.


3) HADO Player vs Player (PvP)

Goal of game: To ‘hantam’ the other team! It is a duel between 2 teams. Each team can have up to 3 players. 3 vs 3.

We had to work as a team to conquer! The ipod had to be powered up depending on the set of powers you wish to strengthen. We realised having fast recharge of battery was important after a game and gave that a boost level, while our shield was low. If you see our video, we are always raising our arms after each shoot. This is to recharge our battery in order to have bullets to shoot and attack. What we love about this game is the burst of sprints and dynamic movements required to dodge attacks. It was a high adrenaline zapping game that pumped in good endorphins for the young and old! No wonder they term this as a Sports-based AR experience.


The other valuable results that came along with this game was the strengthened team spirit amongst us! It was such a swell sight to see the bros slapping hands in victory after conquering a game. The video also showed how intense the game was, as we dashed all over the place with deep concentration.


HMB and PvP Video

HADO Rates 

For Ala Carte the rates are for PER GAME. It is cheaper and I feel a more satisfying experience to go through the $20 package ($16 for students) . Mainly, a game of HADO Shoot, a game of HADO Monster Battle and 3 games of Player vs Player.



We ended with hot cheeks and wet backs for my boys. Then we proceeded to purchase a cold and scrumptious dessert at Meet & Melt cafe next door. According to Jasper, HADO’s owner, he has also collaborated with them to host parties and company events. If you are looking for a whole new dimension of Augmented reality for your kids’ party, this is a dream come true for gamers young and old alike!! The perks are healthy perspiring bodies of fun and excitement.


We were surprised to experience an intense workout by the end of  45mins with many intervals of rest in between. We took the MRT ride home and kids were so exhausted that the 2 younger ones dozed off on the floor with a full cabin crowd. We the older folks had a good workout and personally, the non virtual gamer me, was a convert for Augmented Reality. This AR experience totally cast a different light on me the mama to my kids. I can be fun to play physical and virtual game in this AR way!  Thanks HADO for this invitation!




In conclusion, I strongly recommend this for team bonding, for parents and children to reconnect in a special way as we entered into this AR world together and joined forces to play together in a tangible manner. I believe HADO’s AR games can help reconnect teenagers to parents in a way that no Virtual Reality can do. The dynamic physical activity is a winning factor for the sports and game lovers. For the sedentary game lovers? This AR game will up their level of excitement and motivate them to shake their bods! Win-Win situation.

HADO AR games are suitable for 4years and Up. However, due to the dense head gear, the 4-6yo may find it cumbersome and have short attention span as it is placed near the eyes. Overall, I would recommend 6  years and above to have quality play enjoyment.

For more HADO AR information : Web | Facebook | Instagram 

Disclaimer: We were invited to experience HADO’s Augmented Reality Games. No monetary compensation was received. All reviews and opinions are 100% genuine from the blogger. This is also an effort in support of our local entrepreneurs. 


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  1. Such games are really getting popular! My friend attended something like this with colleagues as a bonding session and they looked like they really enjoyed it.

  2. Smarties love such games! I do agree this is really good for bonding and teaching kids about working as a team. Not forgetting the great workout without going under the sun or rain. Definitely will check this out soon!

  3. Hitec games, I always got a fear that it would be groggy while swinging around with the “Virtual google”. My kids would enjoy a team-game, this is an upgrade from mobile phone 🙂

    Cheers, Andy

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