Ask 47 Qns in Mandarin instead of ‘How Was Your Day’.

After a frenzy first month mark of 2018, I decided to re-start a routine I had 2 years ago. Mainly taking turns having 1 to 1 time before bedtime with each child. After my kids turn in, 1 child gets to snuggle up with me where I read a book with him/her and we chit chat on our day. This habit died down after kids picked up their own reading which gave me little reason to read-aloud to them.

I was wondering how to squeeze in time to read-aloud the Chinese chapter books I bought in a bid to inspire them to improve their chinese language. I recalled this routine and decided to read aloud the above during our 1 to 1 bedtime chat. Instead of reading to the 3 of them, where they have to compete for my attention and view the tiny fonts of the book, this approach fills up the love tank in each of us more profitably.

I figured even if I only read once a week with each child, in 1 year, I would have covered 40 chapters of chinese material! The goal is to instill this joy of reading chinese books and create more pockets of time for meaningful interaction between parent and child. Boys also requested for the chinese comic jokes to be read. I obliged with 1 joke and 1 chapter of read aloud before we end off with 3 questions from our box of dip and questions.

Imagine the 200 chapters growth in 5 years time if we remain consistent in this routine?! Slow but steady, by then, I pray they would have developed a certain level of interest if not, competency in listening and reading. More precious than that, the connection between us would build strong bonds for our children to return to us in any crisis knowing we are there for them.


Why 47 Chinese Questions you may ask? I had lost one of the question and was too groggy to know which one. So here’s 47!

I had printed out and had been using Momastery’s Key Jar 48 Questions. Thanks to her diverse questions, we had lots of fun brainstorming! You never know what answers you’ll get?!

Since my goal is to strengthen communication in our chinese language, a translated version would meet it nicely. All thanks to my hubby, he helped me translate the questions so I can type them out! A good friend who is a chinese teacher helped me vet through the questions so I can confidently say it is of a sound standard. : )

Click on the link for the PDF document to download and print! The below is a sample of the PDF document. After printing simply cut them into strips and place them in a box or jar for your connection moments!

CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD – 47 Chinese Questions in Mandarin Printable




It took a bit of rewiring time for the kids to reply in mandarin upon using the questions. Nontheless, it was a good start! Good training for me too.

How do you encourage Chinese speaking and learning in your home? Love to hear from you.

Next up will be a set of spiritual questions in Chinese for our sharing. Stay tuned for that free chinese faith questions printables!

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