Forgotten Report Books & A 2nd Honeymoon After 10yrs

Forgotten Report Books

As I was tossing myself to slumber, suddenly it occurred to me;

I forgot to look at my kids’ report books.

This was impossible in the past. The usual thing was to check their report books once they bring it back home on the last day of school. How did that happen I wondered?

It struck me that this time round, I was content with the process; effort that my kids had put into their own studies.

Personally, this is a sign that I have learnt to let go more of the products and value the processes in life! Being quite a control mania, I rejoice that the Lord has renewed my mind and heart to a point of surrender and trust in Him.

I wondered, if I pushed my boy harder, would he get better grades than he already has? Maybe. Instead, I just monitored his space, time and quality of work for his revision. The other boy, I had to assure him to relax and cease worrying for his school tests. I pray it is a stage that he will overcome as he learns to be secure in the Lord and not in his own works.

One thing about blogging that keeps me going is the records that I can review from time to time. I saw how my boys have progressed in their attitude and aptitude especially towards studying. P3 marked a new milestone for them to cross. A overcame his fear and struggles in his science and have now at P4, found mind-mapping strategy, reviewing and recapping of corrections an effective method in his revision other than doing his daily assessments. All I do is to review and test his corrections as well as test his mind-mapping concepts in a discussion mode. Simply put, I do my part by testing the boys on key mistakes they have made in their school papers or assessment work on a weekly basis. In other words, we focus on the quality and consistency of work done and retention of the materials over the quantity of work done. J seemed to be on the roll in his own revision except that it swung to the other end of anxiety due to the new class culture of firmer teachers and higher expectations of self.

They have officially entered a new zone called ‘Tweens’. With the teething tweening stage, I am sharpened further to trust in and depend on the Lord for His Holy Spirit’s working in their lives.

Motherhood will not cease to have a purifying effect of crying for our children; be it in our hearts or aloud regardless of which stage they are in.

However, I appreciate that moments like these cleanses the soul to be less dependent on self but more on Jesus!

Hallelujah to that!

Amidst all the growth spurts, I still enjoy and treasure the boyish affection of hugs and kisses, silly and lame jokes they conjure up and their love for reading always inspires me to go to the library. Their endless energy I now look upon as great opportunities for creative works and serving others. For example, we will be helping out in our church camp as a family. I also began taking each kid to visit their grandmother (婆婆)to help her in her house chores instead of having all 3 overcrowding with their noise and scattered energy. This also provided much focused attention on each kid as 3 generations bond together over chores and tea! Grandmother also gets to see the grandchild in action and engage in daily living conversations other than the usual greetings. I also get to spend time on-route to grandma’s with each child, discussing over some history/matters of our family.

Bangkok Getaway

“I better tell you your big surprise before you get a shock,” Hubs text.

It blew my mind that I finally assented to having a quick getaway outside of Singapore! We were finally ready. My eldest is 10years old this year, marking the period we have not gone for a couple’s getaway. Our last trip was in my second trimester to Spain when I had A. We had booked half a year in advance before we knew I was pregnant! So we had Doctor’s clearance and went for it. We did not regret that decision.

Signs that kids were ready were reflected by my youngest girl. “我知道了妈妈!” (I know already mum!) was her steady and calm reply when I mentioned how they must be patient with each other and take care of themselves. It was the biggest reassurance that they have matured and I can getaway in peace. Frankly, I was half expecting a ‘can’t bear to see me leave’ kind of answer…. (chuckle).

By the time we left the door, after the exchanges of usual hugs and smooches, kids were acting like we were going to run errands. They settled to their own reading. I was pleased at their displayed independence. It is mummy who needs to let go and be independent of them. : ) They would be well taken care of in the children’s church camp.

I am not going to go into details of our BK trip as you would be more familiar than me. I wish to share how it felt having this couple’s trip.

This trip felt like a second honeymoon.

Somehow having an overseas trip is so different from a retreat in Sg. We missed such exclusive intimacy where there’s no ‘Mamamamamama, Papapapapapapa’ for the nth time a day. Seriously, once I step home, my ears get drowned by ‘Mama’ from all 3 directions. We don’t need to halt every few minutes to watch out if any kid is knocked by the labourers’ heavy parcels in the narrow aisles of BK market. We basically shopped and ate till our ‘legs were breaking, tummies bursting and pockets empty’ I quote from my hubs.

Above all, we found a heart to heart moment to talk about our feelings and how we can further improve on the quality of our evening times spent with each other. I thank God for my hubby’s ever ready willingness to prioritise our relationship and the family over work and friends.

I was transported to our honeymoon mode. Hubs planned our trip venues, accompanied me to shop and urged me to get anything I fancied. It was sort of a 10 year shopping itch that I went crazy buying to my hearts’ content! Partly because things were cheap as well. I am very poor at bargaining so we seldom bargain. However, my hubs managed to help me get a good bargain for a bag with 4 wheels at a great price. He also dictated the amount of things I could buy for kids and redirected me to buy for myself. It was a Heavenly honeymoon.


Having journeyed 10 years of parenthood with the 3 kids, this trip gave us great pleasure and thanksgiving as to how the Lord has sustained and flourished our marriage in Him and how the kids have moulded us to become better servants in Christ nurturing them.

Before the holidays end, I will still go through with my kids the report books and discuss over how they have done well as well as areas to improve. Meanwhile, we shall enjoy the holidays!

Have a Fruitful Holidays!!


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