Free Printables: Chinese Character Illustrations 2 (四五快读字:刀|梦|照|甜|盒|当|金|美丽|扇|满)

As promised, here is the next series of my printables. This series features Book3 Chapter 22 and Book 5 Chapter 47 of SWKD 四五快读.

As mentioned before, those I have not covered are characters that my girl already knows. The older series from Book 3 are all Black and White videos while the most recent ones are coloured. I am half-minded as to whether I should continue my coloured series, mainly because as an art teacher, I do not wish to influence the colouring imagination of kids who view my videos. However I do know there are people who prefer watching coloured illustrations for inspiration. If you have a preference let me know? If there is no preference, I will manage whatever I can as we go along.

A Deliberate Faint Printable Outline  

A reader asked if the illustration lines were meant to be faint and light. To clarify, I have deliberately done my illustrations with faint and light lines so that kids can have the freedom to deviate from my drawings and use them as prompts for their own personalisation. It is not meant to be a colouring book kind of printables where kids have to colour within the hard lines of the designs. For example, the coloured character 满,have great potential to create more grass, more raining effects, and furry textures of the rabbits without the hard outlines of my drawings. Please encourage your child and even yourself to express beyond my illustrations!! My girl and I had a wonderful time discussing on colours and using colour pencils and marker brushes to ‘paint’ it alive. If your child decides to use unusual colours for this expression, that shows creativity and imagination are at work! Don’t hinder them from colouring the skies red or black! If at the end of it, your child still prefers to outline my illustrations, it is still fine. Let them personalise it in any way they like!

A major reason why I have made such effort to create these printables for you is the motivation of knowing kids can learn chinese through art and personalise their own characters. Do tag me in your instagram if your child and you use these printables! I would love to see all your heart works! Happy Learning Chinese through Art!


Printable: 刀B3C22

Printable: 梦B3C22

Printable: 照B3C22

Printable: 甜B3C22

Printable: 盒B3C22


Printable: 当B5C47

Printable: 金B5C47

Printable: 美丽B5C47

Printable: 扇B5C47

Printable: 满B5C47

There are more to come! For those who have instagram accounts, you can view my other series of characters at #gh123chineselearningseries.

Do you have any questions for me? I would love to hear your feedback on this set of printable if you do use them! You can PM me or comment on any of my social media platforms. Thank you for following us!

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