First Half Marathon @40 Thanks To Hubby!

Thunder, feel the thunder 
Lightning and the thunder 
Thunder, feel the thunder 
Lightning and the thunder…

This was the song that was aired in an attempt to shoo us ladies into the National Stadium due to the impending inclement weather.

We waited an hour before the rain cleared and off we went for the 21km Great Eastern (GE) Run 2018.

Flashback to my Jogging Journey: 

I started jogging in 2014 because my hubby wished to run a full marathon with me. In that post, I asked my hubby to wait for me.

November 2014 : First 5Km GE Fun Run

March 2015: 350 Run Clinic 5km run and tips by Mok Yingren

April 2015: We ran as a family. Hubby did 21km, 10km for me and 800m Dash for my boys.

July 2015: My first taste of Archilles Weakness (How I injured myself and had a feet of a pregnant woman.)

August 2015: My Hubs and I became Super Heroes for that 5km fun run!

November 2015: What? Run with a Painted Tutu? Yup. a 10km GE tutu run.

July 2016: Race for the Living (Race against Cancer first 15km Run)

July 2018: Race against Cancer- 24K steps to a healing heart and half marathon

Sept 2018: Straits Times Run First 18.5km

In between, we brought our kids for their race events as well.

Here are our kids’ events

December 2015: Dashing through the hubs

March 2016: Cold Storage Run 

March 2017: Dreamworks Run

March 2017: Cold Storage Run

May 2017: Eco Run by NTUC Income

In one of my post, I wondered how long will I take to complete a full marathon, will I be in my 40s or 50s?

Do you know in 2016, I was planning to train for my first half marathon? Ironically, after that post, my health started to break down as I burned both ends of my candle. I had to forgo my Half marathon GE 2016 Run. God humbled me greatly but also taught me to be content with His might.

During my last lesson of a P6 class this year, I encouraged them to dream courageously and work on that dream. I shared about the setback of 2016 and told them I will train for it until I reach the goal no matter how many years it may take. I am so thrilled that I could share with them that this dream is finally fulfilled!

After 5 years, I finally reached half of my goal @40! This year God blessed me with good health so I could grow in my fitness. After reading Hal Higdon’s Half Marathon Training (NLB 796.4252), I adapted and used his training schedule to train for my 21km. You can read more on the review of books here.

You can download this Novice Race Training Plan. I must confess that I did not adhere to the training schedule fully. However, I tried to follow the minimum 3 times a week running mileage. You can just re-arrange your days to fit your routine in the Word Doc Training Plan.

I also practice the principle of jog-walk-jog strategy by Jeff & Barbara Galloway. I say principle because I don’t follow his timing methods rigidly. For this 21km, I paced myself by jogging 4-5mins and walking 30secs, then increase slowly to a pace of 6-10mins of jogging and walking for 30-60seconds intermittently. However, during the last 2km, I was jogging few minutes and walking a few seconds with lethargy setting in. The key idea is to take a walk before you get tired and not the other way round. This will help maintain efficiency and add enjoyment to your runs.

Eversince I started running, it changed not only my physical body, it changed my outlook in life and developed my spiritual and mental strength. Here are some captures of my runs and how I am loving this habit that has formed in my life. It is no longer just a bid to fulfil my husband’s wish. I have grown to love this time spent with the Lord.


He brought me out into a spacious place;
    he rescued me because he delighted in me. Psalm 18:19

The above was the scripture I was meditating before I left at 4am for my half marathon and I was walking towards the venue when this verse clicked literally for me! How precious is that thought that God Delights in me and You!

Screenshot (26)

Screenshot (27)Screenshot (28)Screenshot (29)Screenshot (30)

Screenshot (25)Screenshot (31)Screenshot (32)Screenshot (33)Screenshot (34)Screenshot (35)Screenshot (36)

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My dear hubby had wanted to pace me for this GE run, but I was uncomfortable as it was afterall a women’s run. : )

This brings me back to how my hubby has been my inspiration and an ardent supporter of this running journey all these years. He helps chauffer and take care of the kids whenever there was a need so I can go run.

This run was also extra special because we celebrated his birthday with a staycation which he had thoughtfully planned so that I need not wake up so early from one end of Singapore to travel down. It was also due to the fact we sold our car.


This run would not have been possible without my dearest Hubby! It was a Happy Birthday! We are grateful to God for bringing us so far literally and in all ways!


If God so willing, we plan to do a couple’s Half Marathon next year and prepare for our dream of a full marathon! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

To conclude, it is easy to envy and think that runners are born to run. There are those who are born to run but even then, if they do not diligently train, they will never excel. I share this journey because I was one of those who felt I cannot run. Once I took the first step of jogging, with much hard work, I finally realised part of the dream.

Start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible. Francis of Assisi.

What is Your Dream? Take that small step of faith to do it slowly and faithfully. We will get there by the grace and power of God!


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