Top 3 English & Chinese Reading Choices by my Three Kids! (Picturebooks,Chapterbooks,BookSeries&Comics)

For the past 3 days, the kids have been occupied with this assignment mummy gave them to benefit others who wish to have authentic recommendations for children’s books.

It took much longer than I anticipated as they had 2 sets, English and Chinese versions to choose and dig! There was only 1 laptop which I had to forego using because they took forever to type in their lists. 4x Top 3 books=12 books for English category, another 12 for Chinese category times 3 kids, we have about 72 books for your pick this holiday!

Junior 1/老大 is 11yo

Junior 2 /老二 is 10yo

Junior 3/老三 is 8yo

They had effortfully done a short comment on the Top favourite for each category. Please excuse their brevity. It is As Is.

The exercise of using computer to type han yu pin yin to get the Chinese words, consumed most of the time. They also had to use the Line dictionary to help them figure out the Chinese author’s names.

It was interesting to observe their selection of books as it gave me insights to the types they prefer reading.

There are 4 main categories with E- English language and C- Chinese language

  1. AE) English Picture Books
  2. AC) 华文绘本
  3. BE) English Chapter Books
  4. BC) 华文小说
  5. CE) English Comics
  6. CC) 华文漫画
  7. DE) English Book Series
  8. DC) 华文绘本/小说系列

I have included a document book list at the end of the post. Just download for your easy reference!

A) Top 3 Picture Books

AE) English Picture Books

Junior 1

1) Ronny rock starring in a thousand explosions! by Merryn Threadgould
This book is about a little boy named Ronny and he is very lucky…because his father works in the biggest bakery in town if not the world. Join him as he discovers a new cake.
2) The eleventh hour by Graeme Base
3) Aseop fables

Junior 2

1) A Very Big Storm by Emily Lim
An old sparrow finds out that a big storm is coming! All the animals work together to build a shelter that can keep them safe from the rain.
2) The Story of Scotland by Richard Brassey and Stewart Ross
3) The Knock-out story of David and Goliath

Junior 3

1) The Berenstain Bears by Stan & Jan Berenstain
Sister bear had a bad habit . She nibbled her finger nails everywhere. Mama and papa bear tried many ways to stop her bad habit.
2) Katie and the waterlily pond by James Mayhew
3) How to make an apple pie and see the world by Marjorie Priceman

AC) 华文绘本


1) 又有了一个弟弟 作者:马修.科德尔
2) 大灰狼的好心情. 作者:阿诺.阿梅哈
3) 有些时候我特别喜欢爸爸. 作者:吉尔斯.比泽尔尼


神奇小蜡笔 黑兹·哈钦斯. 作者:黑兹·哈钦斯
武士与龙. 作者:汤米
海洋上下. 作者:刘易斯


我的神奇马桶. 作者:铃木典丈
我的百变浴缸. 作者:铃木典丈
子儿,吐吐. 作者:李瑾伦


BE) English Chapter Books

Junior 1

1) Treasure Hunters: secret of the forbidden city by James Patterson
The Kidd family (also known as the Kidds) are trying to save their mother from pirates and their “uncle” Timothy. Their father is giving them clues…..
2) Wonder by R.J palacio
3) Beast quest: Kryrax the metal warrior by Adam Blade

Junior 2

1) Treasure Hunters Secret of the Forbidden City by James Patterson
The treasure-seeking Kidd family has to travel around the world to find precious artifacts hidden by Nazis during World War II so that they can free their mother from vicious pirates who kidnapped her. Can they solve the clues fast enough- and avoid the bad guys long enough-to rescue their mother before it’s too late?
2) Bad Dad by David Walliams
3) Geronimo Stilton The Kingdom of Fantasy by Geronimo Stilton

Junior 3

1) Secret Princesses by Rosie Banks
Charlotte and Mia have magical necklaces .They were chosen to be secret princesses to use their necklace to grant wishes. But they only have 3 tiny wishes they can’t just use 1 wish to grant the person’s wish. There was people to stop them and it was Princess Poison and her assistant Hex. It is a very exciting book.
2) Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew by Carolyn Keene
3) Princess in Black by Julia Weelan


BC) 华文小说


小豆包. 作者:王蕾著
加油!小米啦1. 作者:商晓娜
谁送的早餐. 作者:李光福


不一样的卡梅拉12我爱平底锅. 作者:克利斯提昂.约里波瓦
金贝贝小女生. 作者:杨红樱
杜歌飞小男生. 作者:杨红樱


CE) English Comics

Junior 1

1) Buddyfight series by Mitsuhisa Tamura
Gao is on his journey to become the mighty sun fighter. Join him in his battles and card fights while making a lot new friends!
2) X-ventures Xplores: Defenders of the earth, rise of the dark lord, treachery at the prison, light of the star guardian. By Tada Tada and solar team
3) Beyblade Burst by Hiro Morita

Junior 2

1) Buddyfight by Mitsuhisa Tamura
It is about a boy named Gao who plays a card game called Buddyfight. He experiences many difficulties but he always overcomes them. Most importantly, Gao makes many friends along the way too.
2) X-venture X-plorers: Defenders of the earth, rise of the dark lord, treachery at the prison, light of the star guardian. By Tada Tada and solar team
3) Smurfs by Peyo

Junior 3

1) Only Smurfs

CC) 漫画

Junior 1

1) 又是这一班. 作者:翁添保
宝宝,校长, 小胖和其他的人,全都会让你们笑。
2) 植物大战僵尸2
3) 猫和老鼠

Junior 2

又是这一班. 作者:翁添保
‘又是这一班 ’ 是个很好笑的漫画。
父与子. 作者:哎·奥·卜劳恩

Junior 3


DE) English Book Series

Junior 1

1) Danny The Champion Of The World by Roald Dahl
Danny is a nine year old boy who discovers the secret of his father…poaching. Poaching changed Danny’s life. As he goes along discovering about the secrets about poaching, he made history by discovering something about raisins and sleeping pills…..
2) The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart
3) The Secret Door by Enid Blyton

Junior 2

1) Percy Jackson and the lightning thief by Rick Riordan
Zeus, god of the sky, thinks that Percy stole his lightning bolt. Join Percy in his exciting quest to prove that he didn’t steal Zeus’ lightning
2) The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Prisoner’s Dilemma by Trenton Lee Stewart
3) I even funnier a middle school story by James Patterson

Junior 3

1) Mermaid Tales by Debbie Dadey
2) Unicorn Magic by Jesicca Burkhurt
3) By Thea Stilton and the mystery in Paris

DC) 华文绘本/小说系列


乌鸦面包店. 作者:加古里子
汤姆踢足球. 作者:伊丽莎白
外国名人绘本艺术巨匠 达·芬奇


不一样的卡梅拉10 我要救出贝里奥. 作者:克利斯提昂.约里波瓦
汤姆躲猫猫. 作者:伊丽莎白


汤姆的生日. 作者:克利斯提昂.约里波瓦
乌鸦天妇罗店 . 作者:加古里子

This is part of a series of books I am compiling and listing from our bookshelves. For most of the chinese books that were selected by my kids, I got them mainly from My Story Treasury‘s recommendation and hub’s China trips. The English books were either from the Popular bookstore or The Book Depository.

Click Children Top 3 Fav Book List.docx: a compilation document of the Children’s Top 3 Fav Booklist for easy reference.

I hope this has been useful for you and your children! Do let me know if it is beneficial? What else would you like me to include? What are your child’s top favourite?

The series will be as follows

  1. English Chapter Books
  2. 华文小说/小说系列
  3. English Book Series
  4. 华文绘本系列
  5. English Picture Books
  6. 华文绘本
  7. English Comics
  8. 华文漫画

Do follow us for the rest of the recommended series!

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  1. Love this initiative – it’s great to get kids loving literature, and your children have such wide reading interests. I like it that these lists are very different from what you’d typically see on sale at Popular or in the local library!

  2. Your kids read so widely! So impressive! And thank you for the recommendations 😊 The only Chinese books my kids read are 闹闹 and PVZ comics 😅

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