Austin Heights Power Up 2x @JB!

As you know by now, these are the only times I bother to record down our makan places.

This trip to Austin Heights was a wait-and-see mummy’s neck can handle it or not.

Cut the long story short, I developed a severe neck spasm condition and had been inactive for almost 2 months with physiotherapy and acupuncture as my central occupation.

It wasn’t until now that I literally understood a Real Pain in the neck in my daily life and how to respect my body more.

Fast forward, I am grateful for a slow but renewing recovery. This trip was a bitter sweet ending to this episode.

I shared the details of our Fanpekka and water park adventures plus the local eats in 2018 Post.

Here, I’m going to run through a different set of foodies and my stumbling onto a baking workshop!

We resided at Prince 33, another budget hotel that was clean and a pleasant stay.

Day 1

Boss Toast
25, Jalan Austin Heights 8/4, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

We had brunch here before heading to Aeon Tebrau for Fanpekka and shopping. We liked the interesting choices of menu like this cheesy ham and egg toast. Their luncheon meat sandwich was yummy and the chee cheong fan has this Q Q springy texture.

Ramen Dining Tabushi

GF, No. 51, Jalan Austin Heights 8/3, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

This Japanese restaturant was impressive with the array of selection and most importantly, the quality great and portions were generous. We had tried Zento Sushi another day and it was disappointing with small portions and mediocre quality to the palettes compared to Tabushi’s value for money meals. We would definitely return for more in future trips!

Day 2

Ah Hong Kopitiam

No.40, Jalan Austin Height 8/2,
Taman Mount Austin
81100 Johor Bahru
We had the herbal Bak Kut Teh and zi char. A filling meal before Austin Heights Water Park adventure. The other photo was the Roti Prata shop we had for breakfast. The nasi lemak is bagus. Sorry guys I didn’t take photo of this shop as it was the only indian stall, should be easy to find, opposite Sushi Zento.

There were a few disappointing meals and one of them was Amphawa Thai Boat Noodle which we did not appreciate the noodle soups nor the rice. The saving grace was its Mango sticky rice.

This Austin Heights, everywhere you go, the tea culture -tea latte, bubble tea and Brown sugar Boba milk bombards you with their chic smooth looks. We just settled for this lovely and spacious one. Less & You (少1点)

Day 3

Hua Mui

Jalan Austin Heights 8/3, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

This is the Hainanese coffeeshop. We had a big hearty breakfast here. The scrambled eggs on toast can be shared by 2 persons! Their signature breakfast plate was inteeresting with greenlike chickpeas.

Papa brought kids to Lego land while I went window shopping around the whole Austin Heaights district. It was an interesting tour and I got my basic medical supplies like waterproof plasters etc from a farmasi as well as spent some devotional time with God and did some reflection.

Dinner was an exciting combination of Lok Lok and Zi Char with handmade noodles at Eat Enjoy eatery! I personally loved the sweet clear Ban Mian soup which was a comfort food to my growling tummy. The Char Kway Teow was tasty from ZiChar stall and the variety of Lok Lok was appealing. However, do ask the uncle to sprinkle less of the spice powder as it made the lok lok very salty. Later on, we introduce a special Lok Lok dish only at this particular stall.

Eat Enjoy

15 Jalan Austin Height 8/5 (30.98 km)
81100 Johor Bahru

Day 4

Xiao Tuan Yuan

95, Austin Height 3, Mount Austin (31.12 km)
81100 Johor Bahru

We saw this kopitiam was very crowded so we crossed over for our breakfast. Kids love the lor mai kai and breakfast toast with softboiled eggs.The eggs were perfectly done according to my eldest. There were noodle stalls and we ordered Kolo mee.

This was the first highlight for me as baking was something I could do with the kids without worrying over my neck. I had stumbled over this place during my own tour and even saw a friend inside preparing to bake with kids! So I made sure we made some time for this activity.

新山 (30.93 km)
31 & 31 – 01, Jalan Austin Heights 8/4, Taman Mount Austin 81100

I love that this place is

  1. clean and bright
  2. all ingredients and items are well labeled and organised
  3. has a wide selection of cakes and biscuits for our creation
  4. We just need to choose an item to do. It has a price which includes everything. Anyone accompanying to bake together will be charged 15rm extra.
  5. Has appropriate and high quality electric mixers and tools
  6. has a recipe printed on paper but we scroll the ipad for the step by step instructions
  7. the assistants speak in mandarin and that was a bonus for our kids to learn

No.2 and 3 selected a cookie recipe that costs 45RM so plus 1 extra person altogether 50RM. No.1 and I did almond chocolate shortbread (50RM+15RM=65RM) which is biscotti. I love it when the in-charge ended with “在这里,你们要自己洗碗,洗干净全部用过的工具。” (It means we have to wash up after everything) The kids moaned but eventually did it willingly and with zest. I really liked this DIY place as it was really all on your own to find the ingredients in the fridge, the spetula etc which were all labeled clearly. Only when we ran into trouble then we sought for help. A very good experience for building up team spirit and spend time with your kids!

Next the boys headed for their much anticipated VR challenge! They relished every minute of the thrilling Dinosaur theme shoots.

新山 (31.20 km)
27, Jalan Austin Height 8/4 Taman Mount Austin 81100

We had a disappointing Zento Sushi but perked up for this special lok lok supper that Papa introduced. This particular lok lok truck parks at this old run down provision shop which is beside our Prince 33 Hotel. They only start selling after 7pm. The ‘specialty’ was this fried Mantou with bak kwa sandwiched inside topped with generous mayonnaise. It was a decadent treat.

Last photo of the post is the fanciful La’ferine restaurant that we satisfied our sweet cravings of ice cream desserts. The waffles are average but the Nutella with marshmallows toast was yummy.

Before I end this post, I would like to make a special mention of my hubs. We celebrated Father’s Day and I know it was special because of this Daddy in him.

Our children do not have grandfathers to adore them as they passed on during our young adulthood. It made this extra meaningful because despite hubby’s lack of that fatherly figure in the latter years, he became a great model to our own children. This papa intentionally makes time to consider how he can be a good influence to our kids and plans purposefully ahead of time when he will spend time connecting with each child. This photo below is just one of the connecting moments he spent talking to our girl on why a lady wears white for their wedding day after they passed by a wedding boutique that had a colourful gown. Another teachable moment – we ate at this lok lok place and noticed a boy doing his homework at the kopitiam while babysitting his baby sister of 2yo. He had his dinner, then played on his phone a while and tried doing his homework while making sure sister gets out of trouble. Papa used that as a teaching point to drive into the kids on how life was not easy for this boy compared to them. We also shared how this scene was commonplace during our times when we were young.

Upon our return, he gave a 2hr time with him to do anything they liked. Kids are now trying to think of what to do with him for that precious 2hrs! May God continue to grant us wisdom, love and joy as we make time to enjoy and grow together with our children at each stage of their lives! We LOVE YOU Papa Yeow!

Upon our return, we continue to be content and count the blessings of having spent such fulfilling family times as we prepare to gear up for the school term.

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