Junior’s Writing habit developed via Writing Academy’s Ecourse

“Mama, so I do my ecourse now?” chirped my eldest in P5. It has become a routine to set aside time for his essay writing almost every once a week.

If you’re new to us, do read the review i had done here for a clearer understanding on why I had chosen this ecourse and who would be suitable for it. For this post, I will focus on the progress that A has made after it seemed about 9 pregnant months of labour.

He used to dread writing essays until recently. I noticed the significant change in his attitude and aptitude. As the weekly routine of writing kicked into the 3rd month or so, he took it in good stride and automatically asked for the print outs and whips out the ipad/laptop to work on his assignments. It was reassuring to witness his development in this writing endeavours!

Before I proceed to the details, you must be aware that what works for this child may not work for another. A is less expressive and often speaks plainly. Sometimes I think his goal is to take the most efficient route to anything and that includes speaking the shortest sentence possible to convey his point. Therefore as he progressed to P5, the increase in words for essay writing posed a challenge. He is also a simple boy who does not need much entertainment to entice him to work. This ecourse was like equipping him on how to fish for his food. It provided the necessary writing and technical skills to support him for a successful fishing expedition.

My middle child on the other hand, has keen sensitivities that coupled with imagination, compels others to listen or read his stories. This child, I did not register him for the ecourse. No matter how good the technical e lessons were, I knew it was unsuitable for this active guy. The course would bore him. I feel this ecourse is really for kids weak in content and expressions who need this scaffolding of support to build up their writing skills.

The good thing is, there’s a free trial lesson that you can try if your child takes to this structured ecourse. Click Here to get your free trial!

Why will we continue with this ecourse in 2020?

1) Improved attitude towards writing

2) To complete the full modules rolled out by teaching academy.

3) To develop this habit of writing processes and build up confidence in content plus language expressions

4) Better grades

1) Improved attitude towards writing

Writing essays has become a regular affair and junior takes to task with ease and greater confidence. Whenever the corrected drafts are returned, he looks forward to see the comments and does his corrections more thoughtfully.

2) To complete the full modules rolled out by teaching academy.

The Teaching Academy @BIGIDEAZ has a meticulous and rigorous ecourse program that pays attention to the written content and language expressions.

View the full content course HERE. We have so far covered until module 3 Lesson 16. We still have module 4 and 5 to complete!

I find the pace manageable for junior to at times, plough through with full composition exercises, and sail through intermittent short and sharp activities.

The above is a sample of the targeted short exercises to scaffold on the character’s feelings. The below is a 2nd draft of a full essay on ‘A prank’.

3) To develop this habit of writing processes, build up confidence in content and language expressions

This ecourse is the closest thing to tuition for junior where I outsourced his learning with the ecourse tutor who marks his work on a regular basis. As shared before, junior needed to improve in his written expression and I was willing to invest in this aspect because it is an important life skill to hone in this world of written reports and online communication via on and off social media platforms. I hope to provide a good foundation for this child to grow and gain confidence in his written expression beyond PSLE. I am glad at this stage, this ecourse is working out very well for our family.

When I asked for feedback on this ecourse from junior, he typed “I think that I improved my composition writing because the teacher always gives me helpful tips when I am doing my corrections and also after watching the videos, they gave me new ideas and strategies to help me with my composition.”

He was also willing to continue the ecourse next year. His confidence naturally increased along with the progress he had made in school.

4) Better grades

Back to the reality of school results. While looking beyond PSLE, my child benefited greatly with a proven leap of improvement shown in his school assignments as well as his examination scores for his Paper 1. From a borderline passes in the past, he managed to achieve 27/40 for his few school assignments, 29/40 for his mid year examination and 31/40 for his end of year examination.

My goal was not a jump in results, but a change in attitude and eventually aptitude. The results are just one way of seeing success in this writing journey. It did however, help both parent and child see a tangible fruits of labour being rewarded in kind. In this case, success breeds success in a sense of evident progress. As long as junior is improving in his writing endeavours, it is a mark of success for us! The fact that he has written 588 words for his Mid year essay was a major cause for celebration! It was by far his longest ever essay written in his life with meaningful content. Now I would like to share on why the writing process is more important than the jump in grades.

There is danger in basing the writing success to be hinged solely on the results without monitoring the process of how it was achieved. For instance, I caught junior trying to pass off his essay with a similar content that he had done previously. It was a paragraph of ‘success’ where he knew it was a good phrasing to begin his essay, until I burst his success bubble and brought him back to be grounded in authenticity.

I applauded his efforts so far but firmly reminded him that if he were to take a shortcut in his writing by recycling his contents, he will slip back to a set of ‘workable’ system to just ‘get away’ with things. This did not go unnoticed by his marker who reiterated my point on reusing the same content for his second essay. I told him even if his work was ‘new’ to a foreign marker, God knows he has not been honest in putting forth his best to bring forth new content. There wouldn’t be true growth and the process of doing his essays will lose meaningful content. We can make use of good strategies but it must come with authenticity and fresh effortful of ideas. I encouraged him not to settle for less. We will definitely be continuing this ecourse even after the sponsorship ends!

In the same note, even as your child embarks on this ecourse, let us look beyond the grades and encourage an authentic and creative process for life-long learning.

Lastly, you can find the relevant information for the course here and also view a Free video clip sample.

For more information on the Writing Academy:

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Disclaimer: Big Ideaz Education offered 11 months of complimentary Lessons for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was received. All reviews and opinions are 100% genuine from the blogger. This is also in support of our local efforts.

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