Black Gold Durian Review

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The Yeow family are known durian lovers. Even didi who did not fancy the King of fruits initially has been won over in recent years. When we were approached to do a review for, we agreed without a second thought.

Based on their website, 8durian has their own durian plantation in Pahang, Malaysia “with state of the art technologies and premium tools such as a good irrigation system, durable nets for durians to fall on, and organic fertiliser… with the best climate for growing durians in the high mountainous regions of Pahang.”

They offer 3 different grades of durian on their website (in increasing order of prices per kg).

  1. Mao Shan Wang ‘A’ grade
  2. Mao Shan Wang ‘AAA’ grade
  3. Black Gold Durian

We ordered both the ‘AAA’ MSW and Black Gold for a Monday night delivery. They actually promise an express 60 minute delivery to Midnight but we did not ask it. May be a good idea for soon-to-be fathers who need to satisfy sudden cravings of soon-to-be mothers though.

The durians arrived at a nice time just after our dinner in 2 tightly sealed boxes. After poking a small hole, we took turns to breathe in the heavenly odour of the king which made the kids go googoo gaga immediately. 

We tried the ‘AAA’ MSW first. Immediate response- why does the tecture feels a bit hard? Maybe it was too cold which could harden the flesh. But even after it gained some heat in the mouth, the flesh still feels slightly tougher than usual. The taste is sweet but not the strong durain sweet type that melts in your mouth and glides down your throat. You actually had to use your teeth to tear it clean from the seed. A slight disappointment from the Triple A classification given.

We then moved on to the Black Gold. Once again, we poked a hole and took turns to take in the smell. I was immediately greeted with a strong ‘gas’ smell that made durians being banned in hotels and MRTs!

As I gave out seed by seed to the kids, I could instantly feel the difference. The texture is smooth and slippery and I had to remind the kids to hold properly in case it slips off their hands. The flesh slips off the seed easily with a simple suck and lick. The taste is the bitter sweet type that many durian lovers would die for.

Most importantly, it leaves a strong after taste in the mouth that leaves you craving for more. The flesh is also not thick and buttery which may sometimes leave you feeling full after more than one seed. The Black Gold is strong enough to leave a memorable taste, but not that strong until you are sick of having one more. We are all more than satisfied with it and kids go to bed with a smile on their faces, and a lingering smell on their fingers.

(Review is done by Mr Yeow, photos taken by Mrs Yeow)

Disclaimer: 8durians sponsored the durians for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was received. All reviews and opinions are 100% genuine from the blogger. 

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