Sushilicious (Review)

According to, is rated as one of the top 5 best online sushi delivery services in Singapore 2020. Since we are fans of Japanese food, we decided to collaborate with them to do a review when approached.

This is the list of food delivered to us:

  1. California Maki (8pcs)
  2. Kappa Maki (1Roll)
  3. Chuka Kurage
  4. Kani Salad
  5. Shrimp crouton (5pcs)
  6. Tako Yaki (5pcs)
  7. Yam Net Sponge Roll (5pcs)
  8. Chicken Karaage Set Bento


Sushi delivery actually promises 1 hour delivery service and a $10 off your next order if they arrive late. We were given a 5-7pm delivery time slot and the food arrived promptly at 5.45pm. It was a colourful sight on our dining table with lots of red, white, brown and green! We started with the chicken Karaage Bento. The chicken was crispy and meaty unlike most Karaage that is half meat, half fats. It was a bit too salty though but this was ‘neutralised’ by the generous serving of salad greens and rice.


The California maki and Kappa maki are average like what you usually get from the regular sushi chains. What’s worth mentioning is the generous amount of fish roe on the California maki that gives it a crunchy feel. My eldest loved it and started ‘scrapping the barrel’ for leftover fish roe.


For people who loves their salad with sesame sauce dressing and lots and lots of fish roe, then their Kani Salad is for you. They are very generous with the dressing and fish roe and yet it’s just right not to lose the taste of the crab sticks.


The Chuka Kurage is as expected. Soft, sweet and crunchy throughout, without a plastic taste (if poorly done). The tako yaki and shrimp crouton were cold by the time we ate them. I think the shrimp crouton should taste much better when it’s hot and crunchy. The tako yaki still retains its juiciness and taste though.

Finally, the yam net sponge roll. This is sweet and should be dessert. But if it’s eaten last, it’s all cold and has lost all its cripiness. If we were to start this meal all over again, I would have eaten this first. The yam is purplish and sweet just like eating Orh Nee. I imagine eating an Orh Nee fritter if it’s still hot and crispy!

Conclusion: a slightly above average Japanese meal that’s enough to feed 5 of us satisfactorily without leaving us over bloated and full. The necessary tastes were there without top much surprises. To me, the food arriving hot is important so the 1 hour delivery promise will be good.

You can find out more on the various ratings of Sushi here –

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(Review is done by Mr Yeow, photos taken by Mrs Yeow)
Disclaimer: Bestinsingapore sponsored the sushi for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was received. All reviews and opinions are 100% genuine from the blogger.

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