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Virtual book was launched: 30th May 2021 (Sold Out in December)

This book and postcards were born out of passion for you Mums and our next generation.

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Growing Hearts Book Review: Hui Ing from Big Ideaz who was an ex teacher and now runs her e-composition courses

I first knew Angie in 2014, through her blog Growing Hearts 123, when my three children were all below the age of nine.

Motherhood can sometimes be a lonely journey. Blogging and reading the experiences of fellow moms helped me to stay connected to likeminded women and mothers, especially during those challenging years when the kids were little. Becoming a mother changes everything about a woman. From physical changes to emotional changes, to the way we live and view life. You are never the same once you are a mother.

Reading Angie’s book ‘Growing Hearts’ is like reading a letter of encouragement from a dear friend. Her sincere sharing of her own parenting journey and struggles during her children’s early years makes you feel that you are not alone in this journey. There is someone who understands and there is Someone who understands.  This book is a practical resource for mothers of young children who are searching for clear steps and encouragement to grow in their walk with the Lord even after becoming a mother. It also offers practical tips on nurturing our children’s walk with the Lord.

My biggest takeaway from this book is summed up in this one word – Immanuel. God is with us. During those tiring years when my three children were all below the age of five, there were times when I felt alone and far away from God.  I wish I had this book then. It would have been a huge encouragement to me to be reminded that God was with me and I was not alone in this parenting journey.  As I seek to grow my children’s hearts and meet their needs, I should not neglect growing my own heart and tending to my walk with the Lord too.

Now that my two older ones are in their teenage years and my youngest a pre-teen, I have more freedom to spend uninterrupted time in God’s presence and even time for myself to do the things I enjoy. “The days are long, but the years are short.” I now realise how true this saying is.  I am comforted knowing that the Lord is with us. Now, He is with my two teenage boys as they navigate life growing into manhood. He is with my pre-teen daughter as she enjoys her last two years of childhood. He is with me, at each and every stage of my life.   

This book is filled with beautiful verses from the Bible, reminding us that the Lord is with us and with our children. It is also accompanied by eight postcards with paintings and Bible verses as visual reminders of God’s promises to be with us even during our toughest times.

My favourite is the painting with the verse Isaiah 41:18

I will open rivers in desolate heights,

And fountains in the midst of the valleys;

I will make the wilderness a pool of water,

And the dry land springs of water.

Reading this book is like drinking a bowl of delicious hot soup on a cold and stormy day. It warms the heart and nourishes the soul.

If you are feeling alone and weary in your parenting journey, may you find comfort and strength from the stories and verses shared in this book, and remember that GOD IS WITH YOU.

Growing Hearts Book Review: Linxin @mystorytreasury runs her own Chinese online store and has a gift in selecting books that speaks to the whole child. Here’s her review of the book.


Review by Ivy nature’s glory

I am indeed very blessed to read this book by Angie.

She gives many nuggets of her own life experience. They are useful tips to us who are first-time moms or moms with many children. We must acknowledge that we aren’t super moms, we need God all the time.

To echo what Angie has mentioned in chapters 1&2, our quiet time with the Lord may not be as long as when we were students, our gleanings from His Word may not be in the mornings, we can still live in His presence when we do chores. Talk to Him when we chop vegetables / prepare meals / cook, pray and intercede when we do laundry, sing unto Him and worship Him when we try to lull baby to sleep. All these fill our spiritual banks. I have 6 children and their age gaps are close to one another. I adapt by doing my QT in the night when they are all asleep.

As in her chapters 3 & 4, it is so important to let our children know who is their Lord, their first love and to grow their hearts in the Lord by constantly read His word, memorise bible verses, pray and give thanks together with them everyday and in every milestone. In this way, our God is not mere second-hand knowledge to them but first hand experience with their Creator and Lord.

After reading these few chapters, I remember a conversation I had with my fifth child when he was about 3 years old. I told him I love him so much to the moon and back. He quickly replied that he loves me to all the stars in universe and back. Immediately after, he said that he must love God first, mommy is second and daddy is third. My heart was so full when I heard his confession. Our children’s salvation is of utmost importance. Angie gives very practical tips to grow our child’s heart in chapter 4. I also enjoyed reading chapters 5 & 6. In chapter 5, “My One Word?” is something we can ponder about.

I would highly recommend this book.

Review by Lahlahbanana

Last Sunday was Pentecost (40 days after Easter Sunday), a celebration marking the beginning of the Christian church, and time of renewal for Christian believers.

As I dwell post-Pentecost, I’d like to introduce a new book GrowingHearts, which is a beautiful encouragement to weary Christian mothers, imparting much faith, hope and awareness of purpose in our lives. GrowingHearts, by Angie Yeow, is being launched this Sunday. It is a book and self-painted postcard set, about heart-based, truth-filled, God-focussed, imperfect parenting.

It is the big warm hug, reassurance, and encouragement I needed to read. It’s so real, and tangible. Being written in Singapore, the book has local references (like a newborn’s merlion milk spit-up… LOL!) and is in bite-sized chapters, specifically written for a time-poor mum.

I first came across Angie through her long running blog GrowingHearts123, where she generously shares on her parenting journey, including bilingual parenting, and great hacks on how to survive Chinese in primary school. She was the cool blogger, the non-kiasu chill mum, who lets her kids paint on walls and balls, and turned their crib into a mobile art station. The kids play with big sticks at the park, no screen time, and host a mud kitchen in their apartment. When Angie shared that she was writing a book, I was intrigued to be able to read the backstory of both her parenting and faith journey.

Her book starts with the words ‘”Dear Mom, are you weary-hearted?”. This language really confronted me. Why just mums? What about the other half of parents? In fact, I was almost offended. But as I read on, I felt the warmth and comfort, and realised GrowingHearts is about womanly emotions and the motherly duties entrusted to me, by God. The book sang straight to my heart; in fact, by the end of the book, I’d decided already that I wanted to buy five copies to share with my closest mummy friends.

The book is a pragmatic view about how it feels to be a sleep-deprived mum, anxious for their child, and with little time for themselves or others, including time with God. Becoming a parent is a different season of life, and requires a different outlook, and Angie shares this pragmatically. Just like her blog, the book has some really easy-to-grasp hacks of how to stay focused on Jesus in our parenting. One approach I particularly like is her suggestion in a keeping a journal (or even just a calendar / Google Calendar) and writing a big “PR” (Prayer Request) next to things we’re praying about. Then rereading and writing “AY” (Answered Yay!) next to these when they’re answered later, sometimes many years later. Ultimately you’ll have pages filled with “PRAY”.

Her book has so many little suggestions that a mum can slip into their routines, and use ordinary moments to highlight God’s truths and magnify our trust in Him.After reading GrowingHearts slowly over several weekends, I reread the book cover-to-cover again today in one long sitting, perched beside a stream, whilst the kids jumped on rocks. It felt like a fitting way to reflect on Angie’s words, surrounded by God’s beauty, and know that His living water nourishes us. God is always sufficient and will carry us through.It was a privilege to get an early sneak preview of this book.

The book launches this Sunday 30 May, where Angie will share through her FG/IG the process of writing and illustrating the book, self-publishing and self-discovery to fulfil her dream of becoming an author.If you’re a mother who knows Jesus, I think you’ll find much peace and joy in the pages of this book, and enable you to rest more in the Lord. Mum guilt will be put aside, and replaced by the wonder of being a mother, and the joy of being a child of God. Please check out Growing Hearts to join the book launch and learn more.


For more information on the three year process of my book writing and illustrating, click here to read my story.

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