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Book Launch Sharing

From the start of our Preorder sales, our family saw how God’s hand has been enabling the whole process and we are nothing short of gratitude and awe for His goodness through YOUR SUPPORT! Our family, friends and readers have shown much practical support buying in bulk as gifts. THANK YOU!!

Instead of a live launch with my limited capacity, I decided to share via this blog post on the Q & A I have received from friends and readers.

Did you know, I wanted to be a philanthropist? But I thought I could never be one until recently. God really knows us true and through. He knew I dislike bargaining for discounts when I purchase goods, and with this sale of my own books, I would be giving free or at a low price if I can, on my own. However, because I had a charity to back up, it forced and emboldened me to raise profits and do right to the book and postcards that I’ve spent so many years slogging for! At the same time, this move to direct all profits to charity suddenly made me an indirect philanthropist, fulfilling a wish I had in my lifetime!

We are blessed to be able to direct all profits from the books to impartsg and we hope that you can be a part of this blessing too!

We sincerely thank you for the support given and the good cause in donating to! Read more on Joshua Tay. A senior at Yale-NUS College majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, who started a non-profit organisation focused on this group of at-risk youths through mentorship and sports at mothership and

Reviews of Book


“Instead of having Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO), have Faith In Missing Out (FIMO)” – I cannot agree more with Angie…

In this era where technology allows instant access and notification on the latest/newest/bestest school, program, gadget, parenting tips etc… it is difficult not to be swayed by popular opinions, thus entering a rat race (subjecting our kids to it)… This is the age where people are more highly educated, yet exercise less judgement… why? Because of FOMO. But as Angie so beautifully and accurately depicts it…we can choose to FIMO because we know who governs our future.
“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”
Jeremiah 29:11
This book growing hearts… is a heart-full read, written by a heart-filled mummy who has so many real tips to share as she goes thru the joys and challenges of raising Christ-centred children.
For instance… she shared 5Ps on how can we grow our childrens’ heart:
— Pay attention
— Pray
— Play
— Pace
— Practice
Whatever the challenge – our God is ALWAYS bigger and stronger. Amen.
Wanna learn more on the 5Ps and other practical tips? Grab your copy of Growing Hearts by Angie Yeow


I found myself in equal parts reminded, uplifted, encouraged and chastened as I read Angie’s @growinghearts123 book, aptly entitled “Growing Hearts” – a collection of Christian parenting lessons and reflections. Every word was carefully chosen and measured – at times encourage, sometimes to gently rebuke – like a loving 大姐 – yet not overbearing because she has gone through these life lessons herself. Being the oldest youth in my previous church, and one of the first few among my friends to get married and have kids, I’m always seeking slightly older Godly women who have gone the path before me and can teach me how to lead my own kids through the different seasons. I can so relate to the cultural, societal and educational contexts she describes. I will be reading and re-reading this book in the coming years!
2 of the passages which I related deeply with was when Angie realized social media was drawing her attention away from God and her family and for me, it hit home with her first reflection – Fear of missing out. To me, it translates to an issue that I’ve struggled with all my life – comparing myself with others, the size of our social media following, the achievement of my kids… It really never ends. But it can end when we let go of our striving and let God work His purposes in us and our kids.
I’ve already bought 3 copies during the pre-sale to gift to my friends! Score!! 👍🏻 So consider getting this book and read it as part of your self-care. Let it encourage and chasten, so we can reflect and course-correct in our lives and parenting

For more REVIEWS click HERE!



1) How did you juggle having to look after 3 kids, work and still find time to write a book?

  • I had a burden in my heart for mothers and our next generation. I wished to leave a legacy of faith, hope and love for my children to remember us by.
  • My hubby’s belief in me and solid practical support made this juggling possible! His unwavering partnership in parenting lightened and strengthened our parenting journey. Hubby actively brings kids out for half a day before we spend family time on weekends. Now he helps handle the sales while I do the marketing! THANK YOU MY DEAREST LAOGONG I cannot do this without the YEOWS!!!!
  • I have a domestic helper. With domestic chores taken care of, I save time and energy for work, my family and for this project too.
  • Mondays and weekends are dedicated to write my book.
  • Whenever inspiration comes, I will jot down my ideas on paper or my journal for the latter reference.
  • My passion to blog about God and education made writing an enjoyable and regular process!

2) Where do you get your information or ideas for your book?

  • My JOURNALS- I have a habit of journaling all my prayers and reflections in Christian journal books. I have about 20 books accumulated throughout my teen to motherhood life. A record of meaningful moments, struggles, significant events, key scriptures that spoke to me, prayer requests and answered prayers that solidified my personal walk with God.
  • 7 years of BLOGGING-the habit of blogging honed my writing skills and provided ideas for my book.
  • Books I’ve read – Christian education when I was homeschooling my preschoolers, prayer books, recorded sermons, growth mindset, a thesis done in university, church life, disciple-making as a Navteens labourer in my young adulthood and latter years of leading youths cell, and young adults cell. Lastly, educating youths and young kids in my profession. I believe all these years of life experiences enriched this writing for Growing Hearts.

3) How much research did you need to do for your book?

  • For the technical aspects on how to write a book, the content page, how to quote references that I needed to do my research. Good thing I still had the research book that was used for my thesis writing. That helped a lot!
  • The available books I owned, helped in my research.

4a) Is the heartbeat of an illustrator different from that of a writer?

4b) Is it difficult being an illustrator and writer at the same time?


With my journals and blogging habits, writing became a way of life. Having a relationship with Jesus, studying the bible has been the key that made the simple me, become wise. Psalm 19:7

Therefore, this book is not about my family per se. It is a book that shares how God’s words have been renewing my mind and heart about parenting and transforming our family step by step under His loving guidance.

It is not about how good my parenting is- but how GREAT it is having Jesus in our imperfect lives!
All the scripture references that I have quoted in my book, they are records of what God has spoken to my heart in my ordinary moments of my life. It is not a random key word search but an accumulation of the journaling I had done over the years.
They make up my One Word and I have compiled them altogether here to make sense of Immanuel in my life.
As a self-published writer, the difficulty was waiting and revising my completed drafts endlessly after each feedback was given from friends and kin.
However, I also consider this as a privilege where family and friends invested their precious time to help review and proofread my manuscript.

For the last leg, my son Bao’s eagle eyes and my aunt Chrystl also helped me double checked on the commas, fullstops and all the open and close inverted commas were edited accurately.

I learned an important lesson in my illustrations.
– To Heed the Holy Spirit’s promptings.
Do you know, I used to hate painting? Simply because it consumed too much energy and heart work out of me. Each painting was like giving a part of me away as an artist.
Painting was a chore. I would rather, read, write and watch TV over painting.
The times that I do paint, was for others, either as farewell or birthday gifts.

However, in 2018, I was prompted to start using this talent to paint for the Lord. I started a series of paintings inspired by the altar flowers in church. Most of them ended up as gifts to pastors.

Who knew that those years of obedient painting and photo taking of my pieces, became a vital feature that complimented my book.
It is amazing that how certain paintings became part of my book’s content and how as my content developed, new paintings also followed. I liked how the writing and painting weaved in and out together simultaneously as both an author and illustrator.
As it was not subjected to a third person’s interpretation of my content, I was able to express my intentions fully and more vividly.
It gave me the power to decide on the full colour of my book cover even when my graphic designer helped me in the layout. I was able to have a say in how it will ultimately be presented.
This applied to the printing colours of my postcards too. I was able to determine the exact colour scheme and vibrancy intended.

5) How long and how did you write your book and illustrations?

Read on my 3 year process over HERE.

6) What do my own children & other mums think of my book and postcards?

By the way, for the records, my kids’ names are nicknames created for the book.

  1. Yi means number one in mandarin (一)
  2. Bao means hug in mandarin because he loves to hug me (抱)
  3. Tian means Sweet in mandarin (甜)

For detailed reviews of my book read HERE

7) Can you share more on how you did your postcards?

8) Can you provide an excerpt from your book?

9) How did you self-publish?

I asked for recommendations of a few printing company, then decided on printdynamics. Prior to that, after getting my manuscripts done, I also got a graphic layout designer to do my book and postcards layout. These are the expenses that I needed to fork out. If I had gotten an editor and a publisher, the costs would be much higher and the profit margins lower for charity funds. I also had to search for good courier services and bubble wrapped envelopes, space to store all of these bulky items and plan for all the marketing. I really thank God for my hubby’s partnership in this! He paid for the printing of book and also took over all my sales and courier workload after my first round of sales. He was much more efficient and did the accounting like a professional. This lifted a huge burden off me. I just needed to focus on the marketing and churning of posts for the sales. It is really a humbling and amazing journey to work together as a family! All PRAISE and GLORY to God for making the sales possible!

10) Who else do you credit your book and illustrations to?

  1. Glory and Praise to God who placed this spark of fire within me to write of His grace and glorious works done in my family.
  2. My endearing and strong supporter, my loving husband.
  3. My precious 3 children‘s participation in this book. You all are the reason for this book!
  4. Dr Florence Tan, my mentor and my children’s god-granny who encouraged me to self-publish and proof-read my book.
  5. Mrs Teo, my ex-secondary teacher who patiently reviewed and gave wise feedback.
  6. Shuming, my best friend who pored through my book painstakingly and gave me much insight to the reader’s perspective.
  7. Pastor Brenda, for the spiritual support and affirmation in this work.
  8. Lily Koh and Hui Ing, who invested precious time to proofread my manuscript.
  9. Shuhan, Linxin and Joanne for the practical feedback given
  10. Aunt Chrystl, for the meticulous final proofreading and checking of scripture verses.
  11. Cate, who believed in me to sponsor part of the Asian Festival of Children’s Content 2014. It ignited something within and 6 years later, this dream of writing Growing Hearts materialised.
  12. Karen Lesslar, who came over to teach me the water colour techniques that made this cover page possible.
  13. Ong Beng Choo, my Graphic Designer who did my layout of my book and postcards
  14. Cheryl, Claire and team at Printdynamics for the wonderful experience in printing my books and postcards


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