Beyond What I can Think or Imagine

” Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever! Amen.”

Ephesians 3:20-21

Many have moved on from blogging to instagram, vlogs and tiktok. I still prefer to blog our journey now deemed as the ‘old fashion’ way. This time round, I wish to record on the faithfulness of God in my book sales journey.

You see, it started out with a desire to leave a legacy for my own children, a physical book copy of our family’s story. Three years into writing and illustrating, followed by the 4th year of printing and self-publishing. After doing market research, we discovered 1000 copies was an economical number to print.

However, in my mind, I imagined taking 2 years to sell this amount, until God showed me otherwise.

Sharing precious lessons learnt through this book sales journey of Faith.

When God commissions, He creates opportunities

Opportunities for pruning in His direction

When this burden of writing was placed in my heart and it burned on for the 3 years, I knew this was not merely from my own inclination. I had no faith in myself to do this, but I had faith in God’s plans and obeyed. I enjoyed most parts of the writing, painting, publishing process until the marketing and sales part.

It was a total weakness and a burdensome affair for me. I broke down while sharing with a couple who took an interest in what I was doing and prayed for our family (thank you for your support D & MH!). My hubs and even I, did not realise how stressed I was at that point. It may seem ‘glamourous’ having to self-publish and sell my own book via social media, but behind-the-scenes were the real work brewing. We are working fulltime and juggling with kids’ exams while preparing for the marketing and sales of the book in May. Hubs then stepped in and took over my sales for me and created a spreadsheet for our records. It was a boulder lifted up from my shoulders! I thank God for the teamwork!

Both of us did our part for the marketing. We thank God for awesome relatives and friends who supported our cause generously by buying in tens and twenties as gifts for their friends. Our hearts were really moved!

This is the part I really shy away from. Selling my own book. Have to thicken my skin to ‘buay Gor yok’ in hokkien means promoting my own books, a.k.a self-promotion and praise in order to sell my books.

Like self-praise is no praise, you know? But no choice also, you know? I struggled A LOT to do that until 1 Timothy 1:12 and 2Timothy 1:7 strengthened my heart during a sermon. To stay true, faithful and be courageous to market the book He has entrusted me to write and sell. It’s really not about me. It’s really all about Jesus! Therefore, please excuse me if I do ask for reviews on my book as it’s part of my job to market it. I can’t be saying how good my books are, YOU still need to do that for me.

With that, I mustered courage to ASK boldly if others would like to purchase a book of mine even if it meant I hadn’t contacted the friend for years. Before asking the person, I would pray and ask God to ascertain if I should ask. The priorities were also mothers with young children or primary going school children.

Guess what? Each time someone says, ‘OK!’ ‘ Sure!’ my heart just leaps with joy to the YES. If a ‘No’, was followed, I thanked God for the person and I knew it was not meant to be for the book to be his/hers. I hang on to the promises of God. Each book is specially awaiting for those the LORD has prepared to draw their hearts closer to Himself and to draw their children’s hearts as well. Some may need more encouragement, some may not. All in His good purpose.

Opportunities for connection & reconnection

It was an exciting and humbling process to be a part of His great plans! Therefore, I wish to shout out to all who have received my book and postcards, it is a privilege to be a part of sharing Jesus in our lives with YOU! Through this process, I have connected with many like-minded people and made new friends as well as reconnected with old ones.

I also discovered that there are many silent readers following me who has never clicked ‘like’ for my posts. Strangers who bought my books were actually following my account for some time and their support gave me the most encouragement! It showed me that the volume of likes and interaction does not reflect the undercurrent influence that one could affect.

Having less ‘likes’ on a post does not mean there is little impact in one’s sharing. Our worth as influencers is not the amount of likes or followers we have. However, it requires a meek submission to God every now and then to understand that the unseen work belongs to God Himself. What we don’t know, keeps us humble before Him and we grow to trust the Holy Spirit to work in people’s hearts in His own time. This helps me to keep on posting faithfully whatever I feel is beneficial to others, as long as ONE person benefits, it is enough.

Opportunities for witnessing

Sharing my book with believers and non Christian friends is a ministry itself. I pray that a seed of the gospel will germinate in these hearts who read. It also gives my family, my children an opportunity to see how we can be a witness through unconventional ways like this book.

Sharing this book and postcards is a ministry itself that is not confined to my natural sphere of influence. It crosses over to God’s sphere of Influence.

Through these experiences, we had the opportunity to witness God’s hand upon us and many others. Last but not least,

It is an opportunity for YOU and US to be that channel of blessing!


Till date, we have sold over 800 copies within a month of sales, all GLORY to God for making this possible!

We will be having our set of book & postcards Sale from 6th Aug for a limited period. Our U.P is $15.90. It is now at $13.90.

*Limited copies left before they go Out Of Print!*

Once this batch is sold out, we will not be reprinting anytime soon. For those who have supported us, our hearts are brimmed over with gratitude and joy! All profits will go to @impartsg.

“Impart is a non-profit organisation in Singapore that pioneers volunteer-driven community solutions to enable transformative youth development.”

They will receive dollar for dollar matching from the government in 2021 if they meet the donation sum.
Therefore, the completion of our sales this year will be important for us in order to meet the above dollar for dollar match.

We hope YOU can be a part of this blessing!🙏❤️😊

Please fill up all your details in this link below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

*Free delivery for orders of 5 books and above under one address.*


May I seek your understanding that it may take some time for me to respond to your orders as my husband and I are full time working parents. Our family will be doing all the transactions, payments and courier registration. We normally handle the couriers during weekends.

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