2022 My One Word “Highlight”

As I have shared before, one of the tangible ways of how I hear God’s ‘voice’ is through words that are spoken or written or a visual that denotes the meanings of the word. This year’s One word was slower as I waited for the Holy Spirit’s promptings.

I was in a car ride and somehow the word ‘highlight’ on the radio talk struck a chord in me. I was wondering what that meant. I sought the Lord on this One word then.

The second incident came I was reviewing on how I can worship God this new year and Page 15 of my book reiterated ‘highlight’.

The third occasion came unexpectedly in the library. I never took notice of this section in the library, until this time round, “highlights” jumped at me the third time in the same week.

This time, Psalm 144 is the highlight for this year. It will be my One word focus.

What are some synonyms of highlight?

-illuminate/feature/best part/climax/height/high point/ call attention to/ spotlight/ focus/ promote/ important point

强调/顶峰/ 特点/ 传点/ 焦点/ 关注点/ 重点

What will be 2022 highlights?

As I pondered and prayed, these are what I will be focusing on

1) Worship in spirit and in truth

I have always wanted to serve in the worship team since a teen. I did serve for a period as a Navteen labourer, and then joined the church choir for some time and stopped thereafter.

Somehow, the timing and priorities were on discipling others and nurturing my own children. It was not to be. I was happy singing to God on my own and worship as a congregation. I wanted it to be God’s timing if He pleases to use me in this ministry. This year, with our house move nearer to church, it became very convenient and with more independent kids, it is timely to serve as a vocalist.

Psalm 144: 9 became my response unto the Lord- To sing a new song, sing praises to my God! It’s time I learnt new songs to praise Him and this ministry will be the perfect way to learn new songs and worship Him.

Funny how the first worship song, I had to learn this new song is no less than a Hokkien song! Yet this song contained the very phrase of how I will sing a joyful sound and praise the Lord! (我要举手敬拜他,出欢喜的歌声,赞美称颂他名永不息)

Another highlight is my willingness to be trained by the Lord. Be it at work or home or ministries He entrusts to me and my family. He ‘trains’ (教导,训练)my hands for war, and my fingers for battle.” Ps144:1.

Note it is for battles and wars. It means there will be challenges, difficulties, and opposition. But He will train us for the job. We just need to rely on God’s faithfulness and power.

Lastly, I need to continually pray for and seek His help to train my sons in their youth to be fruitful, mould/sculpt my daughter to be resilient like a pillar in the palace while they are still growing up. We continue to invest in their lives, to help them build their character in Christ.

May this new year bring you highlights of God’s goodness and be refreshed in your intimacy with Christ!

Blessed Chinese New Year and happy holidays to all!

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