2013-02 CNY1

We are the Yeow family. You can call me Angie and my hubby is Mr Yeow. My students address me as Mrs Yeow. In God’s time, He makes all things beautiful. A common friendship of seven years turned into a romantic and loving one. Now after eight years of that love journey, we have two sunny, funny energizers and one little sweet bubble of joy. They are (Right to left) A (5 yrs old), J (4yrs old) and E (2yrs old). Jesus is the head of our household. We thank God for the different stages of life that we have gone through and will go through together with our Lord.

Prior to having these bundles of joy, i was working full time as an Art educator. After i had my first born, i became a stay at home mum for a year before returning to work part time. Then i had my second child and i stayed home since then.  Only recently did i return to part time teaching for only a few hours for half of the week. I had homeschooled my boys till they are 4yrs old before sending them to a Preschool. I however still teach all of them in one way or the other when they are at home. To know more about my field of education and the purpose of this blog, pls go to Why blog?

Connect with me at growinghearts123@gmail.com.


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