Back to my Future!

When I hopped on this blog train by MadPsychMum, it reminded me of Back to the Future movie.

If I could turn back the clock, bring the wheels of time to a stop, I’d go back to the days

where my nanny who was my babysitter ma(HYPY3)ma(HYPY2) and her husband (pa3pa2) were alive. I’d be less afraid of my papa’s booming scolding, and sing a song or two for them during my first half of lifetime.

I’d learn my Chinese spellings diligently instead of hiding my dozens of eggs exercise book behind a fridge and beg my parents to teach me Hokkien and Cantonese properly.

I’d watch less TV and read more newspapers, I’d like to learn to play an instrument and sing for a crowd.

I’d drop Economics and opt for Home Economics (which wasn’t available for ‘A’ levels: P)

I’d  not be afraid to eat alone in a coffeeshop, not be afraid of the dark, not be afraid to face an audience while storytelling in a fox’ costume and not be ashamed of myself.

If I could turn back the clock, bring the wheels of time to a stop, I would still go back to the days

where I had a strong caring environment with my Nanny’s family and extended families. To go through the pain of losing my mama and papa having been loved before and to love as though I was their own.

I would still

go back to the less than perfect childhood I had because I had received something far more precious. I savoured the joy of my salvation in Christ Jesus.

enter the fearful sleepless nightmares so that I can experience the peace of God lullabying me to sleep after each prayers in childlike faith.

endure the grievances of my past, so that I can grow in forgiveness and truth.

live together with my family of 4 women (my dearest sisters & mum) and the sentimental Only man of the house (my beloved late Father).

grow up with the same set of friends from my schools

choose to enjoy worship songs over radio FM

play softball till my Uni-days.

invest my youth in disciple-making as I have been so patiently discipled by godly mentors,

travel a longer route of studying Dip Ed, to Deg, to Hon to become an Art Teacher instead of PE (Physical Education) Teacher,

fall in love with my best friend who is the reason for Mrs Yeow.


treasure the privilege and honour to raise these Three.




New friends don’t believe I suffered inferiority complex. Old friends witnessed my new confidence. Close ones saw how my grief has been transformed to joy and share with me the delight of my current family bliss. Only for this purpose – To demonstrate God’s love for us, people like you and me.

Now back to my future –

If I were to travel back in time?

It will still be His-story. : )


KCUp next is KC from Mummy in transit. She is a stay-at-home mum to an energetic toddler, who keeps her on her toes. She has followed her husband on his overseas postings since 2007, and their family has just relocated to the Middle East. Her blog revolves around her daughter’s exploits, their daily lives and their little adventures overseas. 



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  1. Thanks for sharing your story! It’s a great testimony how God has brought us from darkness to light isn’t it? Yes to a greater future for you and your family! =)

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