Will You, Will You, Will You Marry Me?



After my ‘How I met your Papa letter’, now I finally answer J’s question.

Dear AJE,

After Papa and Mama ‘pak tor’(courted) for about half a year, I noticed a red heart shaped ring box in the car cabinet one day. My blush of excitement turned into embarrassment when Papa said it’s nothing inside la, as it was a friend’s ring box. Papa always love to give surprises and poke fun at me at the same time. I was disappointed but not for long.

It was a normal weekend filled with church activities and a movie date on Christmas Day 04’. About 8.30pm, your papa tricked me to his hostel. He had to ‘meet’ his warden so I had to wait for him outside. After his ‘meeting’, I entered into the room. Picture this- dollops of candle cases formed a heart shape lighting up the dark room with a bouquet of 22 roses laid out on the floor. (22 means We 2 2gether 4ever) Kneeling down beside me, he produced 2 ring boxes. The red one that I had mistaken for the proposal and a navy blue.

Having been tricked once with an empty red, so naturally I reached for the blue. But papa held it tightly and I knew the ring was in the recycled red box. Opening the red box, he asked, “ Will You Marry Me? Will You marry Me? Will you marry me???” Yup. three times. Mama was lost for words, deeply moved that I sobbed before whispering, “Yes.” I was, this time totally caught off-guard.

I was deeply moved as my dream came true that day and the thought that someone mustered the courage and love to want to be with me forever, that was scary and awesome at the same time! Turns out that he had intended to propose in 22Jan 05. However after his talk with my spiritual mentors (R & SC), he decided to propose that very night. Papa then explained the ring’s significance. Destinee 0.22 Carat on a three prong frame. The diamond has of course ‘eternal’ value. The 3 fork frame signifies ‘Constant Heart.’ A promise to be faithful, constant in his love for me.

Okay, after this touching scene, my brain was too heavy and my heart overwhelmed. My eyes were also obeying my bio-clock. Papa always shares that His romantic attempts were met with an anti-climax when I told him I need to go home and zzzzzzzzzzz. ; p

I am one odd Singaporean who retires around 10pm nightly since young. While my school mates stay up till 3am in the morning to mug for exams, I will sleep at 9pm and wake up at 3am to mug for exams. Soooo, you all must understand mama couldn’t help herself from yawning, and papa had to send me back, break the news to my mum and bid farewell.

That was how mummy and daddy got together!

1-Our wedding

Sweethearts, papa’s proposal to me was the most romantic, simple and heartfelt gestures. He used his hard earned money to buy mama a diamond ring and made meticulous efforts to research on the significance and value of the diamond. Yet to all these, both papa and I know that

The diamond is not mama’s best friend. Your Daddy is.


We took a good year to plan our wedding and got married on Dec 3rd and 4th of 05′. That’s how the numbers 12345 came about. What we kept at heart while planning was this- The wedding takes only a period to plan, but the marriage takes a lifetime to build. That helped us not sweat the small stuffs and took a lot of pressure off the process. We are glad to have both take place and cherishing the result of our love- in three of you!


We pray that above all, God will bless each one of you a best friend in your partner whom you can journey towards loving and knowing God together 4ever.

NMums&Babies_Mom Bloggerext up is www.themumsandbabies.com. A mum who loves to capture every beautiful moment spent with her kids, Aayan & Kaira and married to her college sweetheart, Nikhil. Life has shown us the phase where everything seems to be out of our reach and we were not sure what is held for tomorrow. Life is too short to cherish all the moments, so spend time together to make everlasting memories. Mums&babies is my memory lane for years to come!


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