Our Imaginarium 2018 Outing!

In Our Time by Lee Xin Li

We were drawn literally by the invitation to draw when we entered this markedly Singaporean whimsical Time zone. Here, we were stuck for a moment on what to draw. Then I suggested we just start drawing Anything! Then exchanged with each other after 1 min and continued from where we left off. We did this exchange for a good 6-8 times before we were fully satisfied. I loved the results of collaborated art with my girl!




I regretted not lingering here to take in the details of this mega mural portrayal of our island’s significant culture. As it became crowded, my girl wanted to see the rest of the exhibit.pixlr_20180614212934833


Lee Mei Ling : Connect-the-Dots

This larger than life sized canvas painting captured our attention. I loved how she completed her ‘painting’ outside of the canvas etching onto the walls! Does this remind you of your childhood activity? My kids love to connect the dots especially when it goes to hundreds! My girl gathered the photocopies of connect the dots which the artist printed for us to interact with her work of art!


The Gedaze Project by Aze and Ged from Manila.

Do you see a galaxy? How are you a part of this galaxy? Check out the video for a full tour. Plus my girl had fun searching for the squeaky ball to press!



I adore this adornment of our tree trunks! Are we protecting our environment as we should be?


Short films 

We enjoyed Mr Night has a day off tremendously! It was a chillax place as we headed to the front to get the beanie seats. They are filled with creative pieces that really shouts out Imaginarium theme.


Cosmic Grass 2018 by Singaporean Matthew Sia

This was the highlight literally for my girl! She refused to go and we played with the optic fibres for a long time. In the process of our videos, we discovered interesting patterns and electrifying moves when we fiddle and move at different speed. How are we affecting our environment?


Here’s a quick video on the outing! The videos by Boedi Widjaja in the start of my video was a unique capture of movements from different people! And when YOU step into the camera zone at the sides, it actually captures and records YOUR movements and replays it for you to catch on the jar screen! I didn’t manage to record that. It was awesome!

Do catch these wonderful interactive installations before it ends!



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