Foam Play(dough) Party!

IMG_6517-002                 IMG_6519-001

I am so excited to be a part of 12 months of Sensory Dough experiment! Wait, i have no idea what Foam dough is… Until I participated in this really cool and informative not to mention, totally fun Project at Lime lemon adventures.

Head over to Delightful learning to see how foam dough is successfully made. As for me, i simply love the process of making something. Instead of diving straight into the project, I took the time to let my kids enjoy the Foam play first. It is our first Foam party! I had finally found a cheap bargain of shaving cream from a value store and got it at half the normal price. This motivated me to let them enjoy two cans of shaving cream instead of one.

Pure Foam Fun!

IMG_6520-001    IMG_6521-001

IMG_6522-001  More blue pls. More brown! More pink….

Now the second stage begins. Our Friend, the CORN Flour (not any flour) is added and eagerly sought after to join our foam party! (The type of flour is important as the texture and feel will be different especially if optional liquid food colouring or water is added.)


20-1-20141  fluffy, powdery,smooth,silky, caked… mixture


I was delighted to find Learn Play Imagine’s great idea on how to use candies creatively. We have an overload of treats from well-meaning friends and I don’t feel good throwing the big tubs of candies away. Using them for Sensory play would be wonderful since it involves most of the senses mainly through

  1. Sight (the vibrant and rainbow colours)
  2. Taste (yes, i did allow them to have a few treats and satisfy their buds before the play!)
  3. Smell (the whole process smelt of heavenly candy!)
  4. Touch ( the textures of soft and chewy gummy bears, marshy marshmallows, chunky candies etc)

I had attempted to give them cupcake wrappers for play but as you will see, with little success of hoping them to be done as prettily as I Heart Crafty Things’ version of cupcakes. (chuckle) I had also forgotten about the smart icing technique using ziplock! Gotta try next time.

1-20-1-20143                               1-IMG_6557

A fantastic Jelly tower foam city was formed with food colouring drips and the boys especially could hardly restrain themselves from devouring the city by pelleting the sweets and stuffs, before lunging into a road of no return mess….

Sizzling experiment!

1-20-1-20144                             1-IMG_6566

After viewing how Learn Play Imagine did their version of Candy Corn Foam Dough, I was thrilled to find and saved a fizzling tablet sample and demonstrated to them the fizzing effects using liquid food colouring. The results were beautiful to behold! Just a pity i had not included the scientific explanations for that. Nontheless, this experiment would give them a better idea of what the words sizzle and fizzle mean.

A further Experiment on Corn Flour with Water. 

1-20-1-20145                          1-IMG_6595

Jo was the only one who outlasted the rest and was very keen to do his own investigations by requesting for water to play with the mess. He finally had a bit of dough like quality but went on from a very indescribable feeling of taut paste like quality that once again melts upon your grip once water is added to the paste feeling… Please try Corn flour with water! Both of us had a great time playing with the changing states! He even used his plastic hammer to test the toughness of the ‘paste’ and was surprised to find it undisturbed. One takeaway from this, is J’s relating of the above dried- up- mud like quality on his hand to a character he had seen in the picture book of Art and Max. He drew a very accurate parallel of how this effect is similar to Max’s pixelated body.

1-IMG_6568  The beauty of processes can be more intriguing than the product.

Enjoy your process!

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    • Yes, Michelle I am glad to have the opportunity to do so!It encourages my heart to have a support group in this Sensory Play endeavours. Already looking forward to next month’s.Thanks for the invitation!

  1. Ooh like this idea, I have used corn flour & water to make gloop but never added shaving foam. Think this is an idea for outdoors & thanks for linking up to the OPP.

  2. Ok, now that is what I call a Party!! I love how your kids experimented in so many different ways. I will have to get out the corn flour and water to try out those different textures. I’m so curious now! Thank you so much for taking part and linking up at the Sensory Dough Party! 🙂 I hope you will come back for Cloud Dough next month!

    • Hi Rachel,thanks for stopping by!looking forward to that!in fact we’ve done it before and will be glad to get our hands to it again. : ) Have fun partying! Like your piping idea loads.

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