A Heartful of Ideas 7 : Fun In and Out the HDB Windows

1) The Bear and the Bee Reading Time

They decided to make a ‘story book’ from a thin stack of papers which they asked me to staple together. J then gathered his soft toys and propped his storybook to let Bear ‘read’. The book’s title? The Bear and the Bee. He grinned and said, “Mum, look, why is the bear reading this? It’s because he’s a bear! And he’s reading his own story!”

Me: “Erm, Ok son!” I chuckled in return. When was the last time we marvel at the obvious? Or take pleasure at the simplicity of life? : ) Am reminded to find pleasure in the simple things.

1-IMG_9846 1-IMG_9847

2) Bears Play Hide N Seek

This great book was given to me by an inspiring Teacher friend. The kids love to play this particular game! You can use your own mini toys too! Have fun!




3) I like them Movin, Movin!

One of those outdoor times while waiting for daddy to do his stuffs, kids got to maximise the playgrounds and Senior Citizens Corner. Who says that’s only for SC? And the patterns on the floor sparked a tad of visual references.





4) CardBoard Play

A random set up by J who saw the loose piece of cardboard and wanted to make himself a comfy shelter ‘house’. He asked how he could make the board stand and I encouraged him to spend a bit of time to think before asking me again. He then came up with I would say a pretty decent set up. : )

1-IMG_0196 1-IMG_0195

5) DIY Outdoor Games with Elecctrical Tapes

One of those rainy days just playing at the round void deck/ public pavilion for itchy hands and feet! I took along electrical tapes to just provide some boundaries and see what games we can come up with. So there we go! : )






How do You get your kids to Play In and Out the HDB windows? : )

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Have a blessed day!


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