Minibooks within a DIY Big Book? What’s that?

lapbook on Lapbook concept

Source: The End In Mind

When I was first exposed to this idea, it was from a local context. After the local experience, I did my own research. It was then a revelation to me that lapbooking is actually a very common practice and was prevalent in our western counterparts (especially to the homeschoolers). Eversince I started my own research, I discovered the abundant resources available! The best thing? They’re Freely shared! I never turned back. Apart from my normal routine, lapbooking became THE teaching tool for my family’s learning. Before I offer my own experience and share the Lapbook  lesson that I had created, this post is an introduction on it.

1) What is lapbooking?

A lapbook is simply a file folder that contains a variety of “mini books,” foldables, and other material that cover detailed information about the lapbook’s central topic. What is included in your lapbook is entirely up to you and your learner. A lapbook might accompany a unit study, elaborate on a book or serve as a guidebook or portfolio.               (By Sarah Small)

Read the full article at Rossetta Stone HERE.

BeanieNus has comprehensive explanation HERE.

For more, you can view the video by Tina. I like her versatile approach in creating lapbooks. Lapbooks can even be created by 5 members of the family to form one topic instead of just one lapbook per child. You do however need some practice in doing it.

2) Why lapbook?

I find Lapbooking a highly Hands On, interactive method in engaging our lil hands, hearts and minds. As it is extremely versatile, we can plan and tailor to individuals or groups. I have been working on lapbooks with my children for a bit over 4 years. This was really an answered prayer from the Lord as not only do I enjoy lapbooking, all 3 of my children benefited from this approach. It catered to my cerebral eldest, my highly active middle child and satisfied my meticulous youngest girl. Simply put, Lapbooking brought out my best (in terms of personality and teaching style).

Do note that as much as I recommend lapbooking, I do know of some who dislike using this method as it required too much from them or they are just not as hands on. To each his own method of teaching yes? : ) Just sharing what works best for my family.

Read  Seven reasons why lapbooking Works at Heart of Wisdom.

Ok, now is the most important question.

3) How to teach lapbooking? And What to teach?

I will be churning out a series of posts which will answer the above questions as well as compile a list of invaluable websites that offer FREE (yes! that’s how generous these awesome bloggers are!) Lapbooks that you can download for your personal use.

However, due to the nature of lapbooking, I seek your understanding and patience as I will require a period of time to work on the details of blogging it in order to benefit you fully. : )

For a start, I will be sharing my very first lapbook from a children’s literature created 3 years ago. A hint on the book- it’s got to do with an unusual VIP. : )

  • Here’s the LAPBOOK SERIES (includes free materials for a set of lessons!)

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Have a blessed day!


  1. […] Meanwhile, i also did the only sure way of passing on the passion of reading- i read and sang to my children daily since birth (though not as consistently after the second child i confess). I love the philosophies and ideologies of CM but was still uncertain on how i should go about homeschooling especially in the academic aspect. I did not want to purchase curricula from others as we did not have a budget for it. Moreover, as a trained teacher, i would prefer to create my own plans. As i prayed for a suitable method, the Lord graciously exposed me to the the idea of lapbooking from a course. I did further research on this method of learning online and found that this method of using a literature (a storybook) to teach ‘living’ ideas was just the cup of tea for my personality and training that i have undergone as a teacher. Basically it is teaching all the various subjects (Eng, chinese, music, art, maths, geography etc) through one storybook, giving the child a very broad and in depth study on the story. To find out more on it, click Here. […]

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