Superb Tree Rhapsody! (Gardens by the Bay De-Lights!)

This week of holidays has been jam packed with so much delight, it’s like we’re tourists in Singapore!

We had Mon and Tues of productive learning and chore time. Then the hols began yesterday! We went to Fort Canning’s Pinacotheque de Paris (which is for another post) Museum for a studio workshop before heading to Gardens by the Bay for our slow savoury of Cloud Forest and Flower Dome again! Hubs had managed to get the family Annual Pass package at half price during the SG50 NDP period to my immense delight!  Kiddos went goo goo ga ga over the visit and chattered non stop about what they’d remember or what they’ve missed while touring at our own sweet pace. I took time to admire the mesmerising blooms without rushing to take photos. I still couldn’t resist. So here’s a collage of my fancies.

Flower Dome


Cloud Forest

Kiddos’ effortful attempt to humour papa’s idea of drinking up!


Gardens By The Bay

For more information click on Super Trees.


Do you see the super tree trail for people to catch a glimpse of the top view?


With the package, we’re also entitled to go up the tree for a breath-taking view! AND it really literally almost took my breath away! I had forgotten my acrophobia! It started out fine until we had to walk the narrow trail across to the tree on the other side. Hubs was carrying my girl ahead and my boys were in front. A also complained of the height and expressed his fears. Hubs thus told A to hold my hand and walk together. I realised A sensed my fear vividly since panic rose and I felt like my blood pressure had drained down to my toes….   I had to just look straight and pray feverishly. Then I sensed A quieten down, despite yelling he will never come up again, he gently squeezed my hand and encouraged me, ‘Mummy, just look straight. We are reaching very soon, walk faster.’  I embraced myself and plod on with my brave and endearing boy without losing my wit and short of hyperventilating. By the end of the trail, I wanted to throw up. I uttered a prayer of gratitude for this sensible boy. I made a special effort to thank him one more time before bedtime for what he had done in my dire times of need. He just gave an acknowledgement and made nothing much out of it.


After my near paralysing experience, we were just in time for the Gardens Rhapsody! We swiftly plonked down onto the grassland and were greeted by sparkling stars of disco delirium! It is an SG50 Rhapsody with a medley of NDP songs accompanied by our family’s spontaneous chorus!









My photos do not do any justice to the heavenly experience we had so thoroughly enjoyed! Please go for the lovely experience yourselves! This completely restored my spirits and I left with great comfort hand in hand with my loved ones.

Just these 2 days of holidays left a deep impression in me. If we had not made the effort to spend time exploring, touring, and engaging ourselves with the kids, I would never have the privilege of knowing the different facets of my family. Neither would they have the knowledge of how mummy had a phobia of heights! Such encounters may not surface often, but with meaningful activities spent together, our relationships will slowly and surely take root.

How did the kids spend the holidays? May it be filled with meaningful connecting of hearts and hugs! : )

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