It’s Here! Effective eCourse on English Writing (Giveaway+Review)

Please read my 1st Review on this ecourse Here BEFORE you continue. This will give you a good background on why I enrol my boy in this ecourse.

As we taper off our last lesson, my heart is overflowing with deep appreciation for the growth that I see in A. He is still the same boy, with his tendencies to take the shortest route when possible in his writing. However, the before and after effects calls for a big celebration! It’s like an unfit and indifferent runner who has now built up his muscle reflexes and just picks up his running shoes to do the jog requires. In fact, I was pleased that for his 2nd last lesson, he did his conclusion with surprising speed. It seems he is catching on what he has accumulated throughout the course!

Now, what makes this ecourse so effective for us? Before you sign up for Big Ideaz ecourse, please consider if this is suitable for YOUR family dynamics (e.g environment/child’s learning attitude/parental support/discipline to name a few) as effectiveness will depend on it.

1) Well Crafted Composition Series

Hui Ing has accumulated years of training and  experience in teaching composition Writing to Primary pupils. Her well planned and purposeful lessons are divided into succinct chunks for easy digestion.


  1. How to Write a Captivating Introduction
  2. Simple Ways to Begin any Composition
  3. Describing the Events Leading to the Problem (Pre-Conflict) Describing the Problem (Conflict)
  4. How to Create Suspense
  5. Writing the Resolution /Solution
  6. How to Write a Great Conclusion
  7. Story Planning / Paragraphing

Each topic is well explained with sufficient examples and non-examples given for clear comprehension.

1-Fullscreen capture 3072016 43032 PM

A was able to view the oral and powerpoint presentation independently for the latter part of the ecourse. I find that by the tail end of the course, A was comfortable doing the assignments on his own.


However, we still did the brainstorming lists together. Hui Ing takes great pain in providing a wide range of subtopics. For instance, in topic #3 Describing Problem/Conflict, she gives 8 different subtitles like the below and their elaborate brainstorm points for consideration.


Her specific exercises normally found in the random grammar pages, have been weaved in meaningfully into a context that promotes her goal of ‘using a variety of sentence beginnings’ for the assignment given.

e.g  Calvin jumped quickly over the puddle. Rewrite beginning with a ‘-ly’ adverb.

Quickly, Calvin jumped over the puddle.

1-Fullscreen capture 3072016 44711 PM

As mentioned before in my first review, the brainstorm lists are nuggets of gold for increasing their vocabulary bank of expression. In one useful specifics- Describing Anger, She gave us many examples and we tried our best to add on our own creative expressions like ‘ kicked the wall in vengeance’ and ‘flinging his bag out of the window’ (by A) ‘gritting his teeth in anger’ (by me). Below is an idea on the format and how generous Hui Ing is in giving varied examples. 

The intensity of her ecourse with the varied approaches to express different emotions provided the much needed depth for expressive writing.

Overall, her ecourse has equipped the parent-teacher in me and supported A in the skills he needed in the writing process.

2) Supportive Environment

A is Primary 2 this year. In other words, he needs a lot of support from me. For the upper Primary, your child may not require as much guidance. However, basic printing and means to submit the assignment are a must. e.g submission assignments can be scanned and e-mailed or using a smart phone to take a clear photo and e-mailed. Hui Ing will then provide encouraging and sharp feedback in her marking within 3 days upon submission of work.

Even though A is comfortable to view the PPT Video and understands the lesson, I avail myself whenever he has any questions or when I sense he is discouraged in the attempt. I will provide the helping hand. I try to set aside a weekend morning for the ecourse when he is fresh and alert. During times when he has to work on a weekday, I break it into manageable segments to prevent dread. He even requested to open his pack of cards after each lesson as a form of reward for himself! I took the cue and when I see him persevering through a particularly hard session, I bring him to lunch at his favourite place. As a way of encouragement for going through the ecourse, we will have a ‘graduation from ecourse’ celebration meal!


However, not all are rosy during the process. There are also consequences for A if he is flippant in his work. After each session, I will remind A to check through his works for any punctuation, spelling and grammar mistakes. I encourage him to ask me for the correct spelling if he is at any point unsure. This helps him to remember the correct spelling instead of making an error etched in his mind in want of correction. He is more careful now as he does not want to do any extra corrections. Sometimes I find myself wanting to expound more from him, in terms of content. For example, after a particular assignment on Resolution/Solution to a problem, he had given a ‘cliche’ work. I struggled if I should ask him to think deeper into it. I decided I should let go of MY expectations and allow him to grow in HIS time. I restrained myself and submitted his work. To my surprise, Hui Ing gave me an encouraging timely reminder – ‘I think this is a great improvement compared to the first assignment!’ 

It is time to step back and relax. To regain my initial motivation for him-


For him to achieve that, it is a constant reminder that I must not succumb to ‘kiasu’ pressures when the oven gets hotter in school. I find that with this ecourse, I can effectively inculcate this habit of writing and impart the new found skills needed for good writing. I reiterate– this ecourse provides us with the manual on how to fish. In other words, we have to study and apply the principles in order to grow in our fishing skills. 

This course is targeted at Primary 3 and 4 students but is also suitable for more advanced Primary 2 students as well as Primary 5students who are still struggling with the basics of composition writing. ‘ (Hui Ing)

Which brings me to my next point.

3)Consistent Application and Practice (Apply + Practice,Apply+ Practice,Apply+ Practice!)

Without the above, the ecourse will not reach it’s full potential. A consistent time, venue and ‘can do’ attitude are the key to success. You and/or your child need the consistency and energy to set aside time for this ecourse. Otherwise, your family will fare better attending a fixed centre/ engage a tutor. I do this ecourse with my boy when I am available and well, every twice a week. When I get caught up in my work, I had to push myself to refocus back on his ecourse. The only exceptions are the June holidays and when I am sick. Needless to say, it is great for busy parents with independent kids who can work with minimal supervision.

4)  Having a long term goal

When I embarked on this ecourse, inculcating the positive attitude and developing good habits towards writing were my main concern. Like it or not, we have to learn to write. By equipping ourselves with the ‘know hows’ and ‘how tos’, we can slowly but surely grow in our writing endeavours. The goal is not to combat PSLE per say. Even if your child is facing PSLE soon.The goal is


What happens at the end of this ecourse? It will primarily depend on how the parent and child set aside time for practising and applying the principles taught in the ecourse for the rest of this exciting journey! I take heart that now I am equipped to guide my child confidently in his future endeavours! So can YOU!

Course Details
Course Duration
  • Next enrolment1 Sept 2016 to 31 Oct 2016.
  • 8 Lessons over a period of 8 Weeks (or 2 months)
  • * Each enrolment is capped at a maximum of 10 students
Course Fees
  • $200 (for the entire 8-week course)

*Special feature* Hui Ing also has created this free video on HOW TO CREATE SUSPENSE IN YOUR WRITING for her mailing list subscribers. (Click on the blue link to sneak peek the e-course!)

So, If this eCourse is FOR YOU, come and take part in our GIVEAWAY! (Note: Hui Ing ONLY accepts 10 pupils for each eCourse. If you are unable to wait for the results of this Giveaway, please add your name to the waiting list HERE.)

Hui Ing has generously offered 2 Slots for her 8 weeks of English Writing eCourse worth a total of $400 to TWO READERS. Just click on the red Rafflecopter giveaway link to enter!


 a Rafflecopter giveaway

*  ATTENTION: The Rafflecopter application above has ended due to a technical error on my side. You may skip the Rafflecopter entries for those who participate on 15/8/16.  I will still accept any comments made BEFORE the stipulated time frame TODAY ( 2359 on 15/8/16 ). This will be your LAST CHANCE to enter. All the Best and Thank You! 

——————-GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED on 15/8/16 (2359)——————-


  1. Chiang K.S and 
  2. Mummy Ed

Terms and Conditions

  1. Only applicable for local residents.
  2. The prizes are not transferable and they cannot be exchanged for cash.
  3. Only entries via Rafflecopter are accepted.
  4. Answers to the question via rafflecopter ( Why do you want your child to take this ecourse?) is COMPULSORY. To qualify, please leave

    -your answer to the question 

    – your child’s name

    – your child’s age &

    -your e-mail address in the comment box. (pls ensure your e-mail address is valid)

  5. Closing Date of Giveaway: 15/08/2016 (2359)
  6. Winners of my previous Giveaways will not be eligible to participate in this giveaway.
  7. Winners must respond to my email within 48 hours or another winner will be selected.

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  1. I have found that my 8 year old really needs help to polish up his writing skills, and I’m really at a loss as to how to help him! Communication is probably one of the most key skills that any person needs to learn, so I think writing is very important!

  2. I can write well, but when it comes to teaching my 7 plus years old, Ian, to coming up with ideas and content, structuring his thoughts and putting them down on paper, I am at a total loss. Hope to win this for him, as well as for me to pick up some useful pointers from Big Ideaz.

  3. Because I am bad at English, find it extremely stressful to try to teach my boy how to write essays and he has already been expected to start writing them in school. hope BIg Ideaz course can save my boy’s homework essay assignments, as well as me!

    Sim Ngee Ern

  4. Hi

    Thanks for the giveaway.
    I hope to win this writing course to help my boy, Rex aged 8 years old. His composition is straight to the point. He doesn’t know how to elaborate or add in the emotions to captivate the reader. I do not know how to guide him too.

  5. I find the step by step guide useful for my 8 yr old boy. He has problem with how to develop the story from start to end. I hope to win this for my boy and learn some useful tips to apply in his school assignments!

    Ethan, 8 yr old

  6. I would like my son at p2 to learn the technique and apply it to writing composition. At the same time, he loves to read and has attempted to write stories and create his own story books. I hope the course equips him with the screen and develop his love of reading into writing.

  7. I have been thinking of sending my P2 son for a writing class because he loves writing. And I don’t know where to send him that could give him an effective learning yet flexible in his learning time.
    Keshon age 8.

  8. I would like to win this for my daughter who is in p5 this year. She has not been a strong writer but she’s hardworking and an avid reader. She has never taken any creative writing lessons before either. Hopefully by winning this, she can learn the skills to write a good compo and hopefully would help her in psle next year.
    Child’s name: Meagan C
    Age: 11 years old

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