May the FORCES be with you! (JJ Science Adventure Giveaway)

I discovered Aurelia JJ’s Science Adventure by chance when I entered a giveaway by KidsrSimple. I had won!

Thereafter the kids and I were hooked! I purchased her latest comic on ‘Forces’ when it was fresh out last year. As you can see below, the dog-eared book is well used by my kids. This time, I have the privilege to review and giveaway TWO books for 2 GrowingHearts Readers!


For those new to her books, JJ’s Science adventure ; Aurelia’s Comics for Education is a uniquely crafted set of comic books catered to Primary school students. It is based on Singapore MOE (Ministry Of Education) science syllabus. Having taught in MOE schools, Aurelia transferred her years of experience and rich knowledge of science in producing this science fiction fantasy comics. Her aim is to ‘re-ignite the love of learning in children and propel them towards becoming independent learners and thinkers.’ Her passion is evident in the comics produced. Let us hear from the perspectives of my children who heartily agreed to do a review because I allowed them to use the computer to type out their learning instead of writing. For the records, the boys did the reviews independently.


Reviews by my Boys 

Review by A (Primary four level)

” I think that this book is quite funny and I can learn more new things. I learnt that magnets are also a part of forces. They attract and repel, and that is also a part of forces. There are also funny parts. A funny part is that when Jonathon got stomped by a minion. His hand was very red. We can also learn interesting things about forces and also read stories at the same time. At the back of the book there are also some activities to do and facts to learn about science. “


New Doc 2018-05-14_4

Review by J (Primary three level)

I think this book [JJ’s Science Adventure ‘Forces’] is interesting because it teaches me about forces like gravity, magnets, mass and friction. I think this book has a funny part because three sea urchins were trying to push the button with their spikes. But they got stuck! It was so funny! I also learnt that

gravitational force is the force of attraction between objects due to their masses. It can act at a distance. The gravitational force [gravity] of the earth pulls all objects towards the centre of the earth. The greater the distance from the centre of the earth, the lower the gravitational force experienced.’ (from JJ Science ‘Forces’) ”        

New Doc 2018-05-14_3

New Doc 2018-05-14_5

What sets this book apart from the rest of the science comics in the market?

1) Strong Story Plot

It is a coherent series of adventures based on consistent characters throughout the comics. ‘The story has a science fiction fantasy setting in which the protagonists, Jonathan and Joyce, travel to different virtual dimensions in order to learn science.’ (JJ science Comic)

There is nothing more inviting then entering into a world of magical forces filled with whimsical wonderland mysteries, isn’t it?


2) Vibrant Graphics

The comic provides a clear illustration that supports learning of challenging concepts. For instance, the concept of forces shown in the elasticity of the lift spring below.


3) Lucid Narratives

A strong storyline and explanation of scientific concepts were expressed through engaging and logical dialogues. There is also a key idea being taught with simple charts to reinforce understanding of concepts.

New Doc 2018-05-14_4

4) Follows MOE’s Science Syllabus

  • Magnets
  • Heat and Light
  • Forces

5) A Compact Science Comic Companion

It has 92 pages of comic strips and detailed information of how Forces work and ends with a ‘Did You Know’ (DYK) and ‘Challenge Yourself’ sections to cater to all kinds of learners.


Lastly, with wit and humour, it is a fun way to motivate even the most disinclined science learner.

JJ Science Adventure is a successful hit, all thanks to the team below! You all rock!



Aurelia has kindly sponsored this Giveaway to TWO Readers of GrowingHearts123!

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The Winners are

Option 1: Dominique Goh

Option 2: Joey Cheong

CONGRATULATIONS! Thank You ALL for joining this giveaway!


Note: Readers will be selected at random. The company will contact the reader directly via e-mail and deliver the prize.

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Disclaimer: The Giveaway is sponsored by Aurelia. No monetary compensation was received. All reviews and opinions are 100% genuine from the blogger. This is in support of our local efforts. 


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