Pssst… Mum invited a Furry Stripey Guest! (Lapbook Part 3/4)


This is a part of my Lapbook series. For those unfamiliar, do click on Lapbook Part 1/4, Lapbook Part 2/4 before reading this post for a better understanding.

Before you think Wah! Why is she teaching her kids such stuffs when they’re so young??( which was my reaction when first exposed to this lapbooking idea) Or chey… like that only….( if you are doing more than this)

Why I do Lapbooking?

I value education of the body, soul, spirit and mind. Lapbooking provides this versatile avenue to teach in a holistic manner. It not only increases my children’s attention span, it makes learning fun, interactive and most of all meaningful for them. It helps them relate practically to our daily living.

My sons have poor attention span. They are highly active (as all todds are) and it was impossible to read a book to them for 10mins in a row. After I engaged Lapbooking, they managed to increase slowly and steadily could sit still for an hour after months of lapbooking. Especially so for my middle son.

For instance, E had no idea where milk came from and after the lapbook sessions, she not only knows where it comes from, she can identify the cheese as Dairy food. She then explains because it is made from milk when I asked her why.

Through such processes, the child learns how to relate what they learn to other instances in life and make meaningful connections that will stay with them in the long run.

The best part? I learn so much as I teach them! : ) We grow and learn together.

I sincerely hope that this sharing would be beneficial for those who want to learn or enjoy doing lapbooks as I do. : )

Overview of The Tiger Who Came to Tea Lapbook.

1)Overview of the Lapbook Folders.

I have labelled each Folder for easy reference.



2) The Front (consists of the Collage Art and the part K) and Back (Folder J) of the Lapbook.


3)An example of the Folder Contents.


4) Folder E and Folder F are examples of a ‘booklet’ folder.


5) Example of Folder J


6) Examples of Hands On Activities done during the Lapbook Sessions.


The beauty of lapbooking for me, lies in the journey of not only making one’s own lapbook for keepsakes, but the versatility of how one can extend the learning activities!

Extended Activities from the lapbook

I will share some extended activities that can be done beyond lapbooking to provide a richer experience in learning.

  1. Role Play : Set up a  Tea Time Party corner with your kitchen toys and role play the characters from the book.
  2. Bring them to see the real stuffs. : There’s so much to learn in this book! Go to the Zoo and point out the mammals and carnivores, go the café to enjoy dinner, head to Ikea to learn the whole works of a kitchen (or just let them play in our kitchen), when doing groceries, give them a shopping list to strike off the dairy and non dairy food and more!
  3. Sensory Bin: Give them a sensory bin filled with different types of cloth materials and prints, toy animals that they’ve learnt from the lapbook, an old clock for them to play, add dolls (mummy and sophie characters) and ‘kitchen ware’ toys for them to re-enact or just play with. Addition of mud/ dried oats will give a ‘Jungle feel’. For an example of Sensory Bin, do click Here.
  4. Show them movies, videos, Youtubes and listen to songs related to the concepts learnt.
  5. Provide puzzles and large maps for learning of Asia. I find GeoPuzzles a great investment.
  6. Art: Observing and painting the patterns of the Big Cats (my kids did it on mah-jong paper) would heighten their awareness of the subtle differences between especially the Leopard and the Jaguar.

The above are just ideas I brainstormed for you to pick 1 or 2 from. : )

I hope you’ll enjoy this whole process of interacting and learning together!

I will be sharing my Resource Pack in my blog real soon! But first I must tackle all the technicalities of my perforated lines etc. so that you can download my files and cut out the materials with ease! As well as a whole blog-fuls of resources that provides free lapbook materials for your use!

*My Post is UP! Click HERE to see my 4/4 Lapbook Post for the Free Resources! : )

Do you find these series useful? Would love to hear from you. : )

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Have a blessed day!




  1. Wow… that’s amazing stuff for the kids! Loads of effort and work for mummy but if the kids love it, that makes everything worth it 🙂 Thank you for sharing these great ideas!

    • Thanks for dropping a note! : ) Yes, it is lotsa heart and hard work. But I personally enjoy creating them. And they also enjoy it. It’s the way I show my love to them through teaching. hee. Am just glad that you find it useful! : )

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