Pssst… Mum invited a Furry Stripey Guest! (Lapbook Part 1/4)

This is part of the Lapbook Series I have written. This post is on

The_Tiger_who_came_to_tea    Source

For a detailed explanation on Lapbooking, please read HERE before continuing.

1) How to fold a lapbook



2) What is this lapbook about?

Basically, I expanded the above Literature into various aspects of learning for a meaningful and holistic study on life itself. This was designed for my boys when they were 3 and 4 YO. I wanted learning to be meaningful and practical. Therefore when we went for The Tiger Who Came To Tea theatre experience, I tapped on that experience and followed up with a lapbook.

The lapbook learning consists of the following below.

a. Sequential Learning and Memory Recall

There was a visitor, and Sophie’s mummy had wondered  ‘Who can that be?’ I used this as a starter for memory recall on the order of whoever was mentioned by Sophie’s Mummy.

b. Science

  • From the story, there was the milkman and I wanted to introduce where milk came from.
  • Classification of Mammals , Carnivore, Herbivore, Omnivore and the Types of Big Cats.
  • Dairy vs Not Dairy food

c. Concept of Time

  • Different Meal times of the day
  • Using analog clock template

d. Introduce Mandarin and Music (Mother Tongue)

  • 2 mandarin songs which is related to the character and plot.

e. Visual Arts

  • Observation Study of Fur coats
  • Collage

f. Geography

  • Tiger Habitat

g. Maths

  • Concept of Big and small

h. Spiritual 

  • Mealtime Prayers

For the rest of the series Click on Lapbook 2/4, Lapbook 3/4 and Lapbook 4/4 for the free resources!


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Have a blessed day!



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