A Moon, a Red Door, a Lego Man. (Come, Play with Me! Series 1)

I love open ended play and am thrilled to embark a journey of  30days to transform your play by Kate’s aneverydaystory and Racheous- lovable learning. However, mine will probably be 30weeks instead! chuckle. I feel 30days will be too intense for us. Join us in our journey of Metamorphosis Play! I will be giving the links along the way for their posts on each day’s topic. Just click on the coloured fonts. It will be shared between Kate and Racheous’ posts.

  1. First I observed what the kids were interested in playing for a few weeks. (Read the details Day 1: here at Kate’s.)
  2. Then culled toys accordingly. (Day2 at Kate’s)
  3. Revamped their  Art space .(Day 3: Kate’s & Racheous’)
  4. They (Kate and Racheous) also talked about Day 4: identifying interests.
  5. (Day 5-6: Preparation for invitation to play.) I termed this series as Come, play with Me! Series.


I did this a few weeks ago. That week was on making plain Play dough as a base for playing. We did the batches from scratch and learnt to read and follow the simple recipe by Fretta Reitzes and Beth Teitelman. This book has a wonderful range of ideas and creative activities! (It was a gift)


Recipe for Cooked Play Dough

2 Cups Flour

1 Cup Salt

4 Teaspoons Cream of Tartar

2 Tablespoon Oil

2 Cups Water

Food Colouring (Optional)

1. Mix dry ingredients together in a saucepan

2. Add wet ingredients and mix well together.

3. Cook to a low and medium flame.

4. Stir constantly to prevent scorching until it turns into a ball. It should not take more than 5 mins.


1-2014-04-07                      1-2014-04-071

 Kate suggests for those who are unfamiliar with Play dough to just play and explore this material by itself before adding anything else.


Come, Play with Me! Series (1) on Playdough.



One of the mornings, I set out to collect interesting leaves of varied sizes and textures as well as sticks and my favourite curled up ‘flower’ leaves around my nearby park. Racheous playdough invitation is also interesting. Then I lay my white ikea shower curtain mat and displayed the items as nicely as I could. I was pretty pleased with the display as it really looked inviting to play! I was hesitant over the use of glasses but heeded their suggestions on using beautiful clear glasses and wooden materials for aesthetic effects. And they rose up to the occasion by handling them with slightly more care. Of course, I still had to remind J to be more gentle while putting back the beads, the tinkling sounds intrigued him and he was darting them into my glass bowl. Oh well, part and parcel of learning! Lastly, I also took  into consideration the kids’ interests for the selection of materials.


1-IMG_7411  Come, Play with us!



My youngest (E) started with shells and marbles on her lump of play dough and more stuffs. The result was a house of gem. She excitedly pointed out to me the red rectangle chip was the door for the lego man to open.




J started with leaves as roads for the tractor to travel and eventually built a forest with a hand made swing and patient blossoming of flower trees. He had wanted to prop up the flower stalk and was in a lost on how to do it. That was when I stepped in and provided some guidance. I showed him how the play dough was sticky and could act as a ‘glue’ to stick the stalk together with the stick. There was no return and the trees increased. The swing that he made from the small wooden chips were also made using play dough to join them together. He had to try several times before succeeding in having a structure that held the string as a swing.


My eldest (A) was not keen on the play dough and worked on his simple imaginative play. With 2 able men, they created multiple scenes on their theater stage (the wooden chopping board).

He also made use of the clean grooves outlining the board to play his rolling marbles game. Simple but powerful dramatic play. At this point, I marvel at the simplicity of things. Just a nice wooden board is sufficient for great creativity.

Come, Play with Me! Series on Playdough.








What I love about this series is the open ended Play that occurs through the provision of loose materials and whimsical combination of materials that can ignite the imagination and spark off creative play. You never know what you are gonna get!

Let’s provide the materials and spark off!

Click here to see the rest of the series.




  1. What a wonderful idea! Your kids’ creations are beautiful. I’m so inspired to let my kids try it… My eldest is getting too stressed over his school examinations these few weeks, and so am I. I do miss these times of carefree and creative play!

    • Thanks Ing,If you do it, pls share with me on my FB pg k? Would love to see your kids’ play! And yes… am treasuring every moment before no. 1 goes P1 next yr… By then, interests might also differ and develop. : )

  2. […] It’s been some time since the kids played with Loose Parts. This was done a few weeks ago. I combined some wooden people and gave them odds and ends. I also took out a special Seashell tea set that my mum had added to our repertoire. The kids dived straight into their open ended play. For those unfamiliar with this kind of play, do find out more from my first post- Come Play with Me 1. […]

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