YeowHooo!! Together, We Ran the Race! : )

For those unaware, I’ve been preparing myself for the NTUC Income 350Run. This time round, it was extra special as my whole family had joined the event (well, almost all-E wasn’t ready yet)! My Hubby did 21km, 10km for me and 800m Dash for my boys.

If you read my preparation process, this would be my first 10km run. I had only managed to clock 6km as my furthest distance during my personal training time due to limited time. With Dr Mok’s tips for 1st time runners in mind, I set out to enjoy the scenery and paced myself at a comfortable rate.  I also jumped from ‘one butt’ to another in a bid to stay motivated when I got tired.

Our Flag Off time was 6:30am and I had reached at 5:45am. Armed only with my mobile device and two $10 notes tucked into the phone armband and a cap, I was set to go. From the pitch black morning I enjoyed the beautiful surroundings upon dawn. It was an insightful journey where facts of how we can conserve the environment had been sprinkled on the sign boards at the Kilometre marks. It really served as a great reminder on the purpose of running this race. This time round, I abandoned my timing. I just focused on finishing the race with enjoyment.

NTUC Income RUN 350, Organised by Young NTUC is Southeast Asia’s premier eco-run in support of the global 350 movement. This movement aims to raise awareness to the need to lower atmospheric CO2 levels to 350 parts per million, which scientists believe is the level required for Earth’s sustainability.”   

This race has been very well organised and provided plenty of fluid stations for the runners.

Starting at a slower pace than usual I was determined to last through the race as much as possible without stopping. It helped me breeze through till the 8km mark and tiredness set in. I had to stop for a few strides and pressed on with a verse in mind. In the midst of my struggle to plod on, I saw an elderly European couple overtaking me…. I was like…. Wow! That’s how I want to be when I grow old! To be fit enough to run a race and do it together with my beloved hubby! : ) With that, I hung on and realised the end was in sight! Towards the last 100m I gave my best and sprinted to the finishing line. This was really an exhilarating experience for me. I had never imagined doing a long distance run in my life! To me, 5km is madness. I preferred sprints and sports.

In retrospect, training up for such runs have rekindled the sporty side of me. Not only do I feel fitter, I am aware how such runs develop my mental tenacity to learn self control over the physical body. My spirit also has more space and time to draw closer to God as I pray while running and enjoy nature around me. Best of all, it also bonds the family together in a healthy and hearty manner!

1-350Run Review

1-SmbIt was also an exciting time to meet a few SMB (Singapore Mom Bloggers) mummies to run this race together! (On the Right is Hui Ing from Ingspirations and the centre is Meiling from Universal Scribbles) It was through the support of this group that I started running towards a goal.






There were many interesting booths on how we can plant edible plants, recycle pens, games and even a sculpture made from hangers to educate the public. This butterfly cardboard art naturally caught my hubby’s and my attention. Later I found out from a very nice man who explained that there was ongoing a Vote for Singapore’s National Butterfly! Do pop over to have a say on which beautiful butterfly should win this nation’s pageant! : )

1-350Run Review2

1-me and mei


My Lil Butterfly.











Boys warming up with papa before the race. They were really pleased with their rewards of bananas and 100plus not to mention the medals!










YeowHoo! We did it! : )



We’ll be back! Next time, with the entire family! : )


It’s been an exciting and exhilarating event personally. Will be in the lookout for more 10km race before I further the distance as advised wisely by my seasoned hubby marathoner.

Disclaimer: NTUC Income had sponsored my boys for the kids run. We had paid in full the adults’ registration fees. All opinions are 100% genuine from the blogger.

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