Malacca: The Woods’ Books and More!

Before I continue my journey from East to West, I must share our December trip to this oddly enchanting Woods cafe.

THE WOODS second hand book store & Cafe (GAJAH BERANG)

If you’re like us, you will look forward to the Woods’ rustic and strangely comforting ambiance. Stacked neatly on the shelves of the DIY racks are rows of musky looking books that were older than us. The genre of these books were wide and varied with every evidence of being pored through by inquisitive minds.  From self-help books, romantic novels, aesthetics to a great range of Slam dunk and other old school comics. Our whole family just helped ourselves to what we liked.

1-2015-12-11 woods

The Cafe’s menu is simple with unique teas and hand dripped coffee with a few sandwiches and a mouth watering smooth dessert. We could sit there forever.

1-2015-12-11 woods1



1-2015-12-11 woods3

1-2015-12-11 woods21-P1010396

This peculiar window was no ordinary hole. It is in fact, the perfect get away and popping in of the owner’s sleek black Meow. I wonder if it made its abode by default or it was specially designed for its play? If the former, the owner might have many startled customers and decided to put up this sign to alert us. I stayed away from that table when I first visited. This 2nd time round, I am more comfortable to linger near that table. : )

Malacca’s More!

This time round, we checked out The Daily Fix Cafe which resides inside the shop that sells the beautiful peranakan batik merchandise. I can’t belief I had missed the cafe despite entering this shop a few times before!


The Daily Fix Cafe @ Jonker Street

We simply love their pancakes! Period. Chocolate chip pancakes and Durian pancakes!



We stayed at Fenix Inn Budget Hotel again. It is very affordable with adequate facilities and sincere service. There’s also a water cooler that has hot and cold water. Opposite our hotel, is the Bak Kut Teh stall. Take a walk down, there’s this hawker fare selling flavourful Char Kway Teow and soup noodles. There’s also a massage parlour @ Grand Palace that is cheap and effective.



Night Market @ Jonker Street (Fris to Sun)

1-2015-12-11 woods4

Aldy’s Hotel Bamboo Hut

Click on the link to find its location. They serve really delectable food!


We stayed at the hotel for 5days 4nights and decided to use the DIY Laundry service. ‘Sua Ku'(ignorant) us…. Took some time to figure out the details and we finally had clean and fresh clothes! Half the home battle chore done!

For this Malacca trip, we engaged the kids with much walking and reading between the Popular bookstore and MPH in Mahkota Shopping Centre. Kids also caught Finding Dory and played till their hearts and feet’s content at Kidzooona. Please remember to bring socks along or just simply pay cheerfully for them. We had overheard our fellow parents complaining over having to pay for socks even though the entry fees are already greatly reduced with our spending power.




For more of Malacca, click HERE and for their Wonderland click HERE.

Have a great week ahead before the school hols end!

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  1. I think I’m one of the few Singaporeans who have not paid Malacca a visit at this age. Your posts certainly is enticing me there. Now its just convincing the hubb to go as he has been there ‘n’ times. Maybe your post will help. Thanks for sharing!

    • Really? Then You HAVE to GO! : ))) Ask your hubby to be the tour guide since he is so familiar?? : ) We go there at least once a yr! Our shopping haven!

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