KSL & Bukit Indah again!

Here’s our weekend trip to KSL & Bukit Indah yet AGAIN!

In fact, we had gone to KSL and stayed for a few nights and went to Bukit Indah for a day in June. This past weekend, we stayed at KSL and at Princeton budget Hotel to enjoy Bukit Indah. Somehow, returning back to these familiar holiday hunts brought comfort and a much needed break from our usual routine. Our family is happy in spending quality time and excited to indulge in quality food from cheap kopitiam eateries to the higher end restaurants that we can splurge as a whole family.

One of the many things I appreciate about our trips, is the budget hotel that hubs practice booking. It has been his practice of having a balance of good hotel stay (like hotel with resort/water play) and for the more ‘shopping’ focused areas, he would book budget hotels for the family. This helps to defray costs and gives us a good perspective of what it means to be content with the luxurious as well as the simple stays. At first, I would moan over such budget stays, as the contrast was jarring in the tiny cooped up space. However, I agree with hubs that since we are out most of the time, the hotel served its purpose of a place to sleep in. It was a matter of perspective and contentment.

I read this interesting article on The science of why you should never take kids on foreign holidays. So far, we have been to a few places repeatedly in Malaysia. Fenix hotel has also become our home hostel in Malacca being budget and abode friendly.

This is a short post that includes our June Hols as well to share the kopitiam yummies for those looking for a short and inexpensive getaway in JB.

KSL Shopping Mall/Hotel

Hubs had chosen here because of the big water playground the hotel mall offered. It was a pretty cool area given the fact that it is in the middle floor of the hotel and mall. Those with Dino-lover kids would be thrilled to know the dinosaurs actually MOVE and roars. They are HUGE towering ones with one spewing showers of blessings. We really enjoyed the spacious slides.





Just outside the entrance of the hotel, this old hawker stalls sold yummy home cooked style array of economic rice and noodles. We enjoyed the humble food and the luxurious Shanghai restaurant inside the mall. I found an interesting Kueh Lapis with cranberries at Moonlight Bakery at B1.


At the other side of the mall, opposite lies the famous Seafood Crab eatery. A must try if you’re there! It has a mixture of pork, crab, prawns and fishballs. Another stall is the Kway Teow stall available in the mornings and claypot rice in the evenings.



KSL was enjoyable with lots to shop, enjoy a movie and relax with a massage and traditional cupping TCM style at this Traditional Javanese Parlour which is cheaper than the Thai Odyssey.

Bukit Indah

We like this friendly shopping mall and explored more yummy places since our last visit! Here we decided to have A&W meal and I am pretty happy with my Onion bangle!


We stayed in Princeton Hotel


There was also the Lok Lok mobile stall outside in the evening that satisfied our supper cravings. Kids’ first time having supper and Satay Sticks of a different kind. Papa also let A open his beer bottle (yes, only help open). : )


My favourite treat of the trip? It’s Thank You Mom’s Korean food!

The pizza tasted like the Tong Tong honey crackers, buttery and lightly sweet with potato slices and cheese. The appetiser was vinegar radish and lovely coleslaw. I ordered the Kimchi fried rice which came with the most flavourful soup! Needless to say, I liked the ‘fried’ feeling but actually roasted chicken with garlicky crumbly crispy skin all on its own without sauces. A must try if you are there! Ending all with the refreshing sweet and tangy bitter grapefruit drink, the meal was complete.



Here’s to a wonderful start of the holidays my friends!

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