Our Milestone Momentos from Tween to Teen

As a visual arts person, I am Big on visual memories and it is natural that I desire to leave lasting momentos to my children for their keepsake. We had baby milestones and now, why not teenage milestone? It just so happens that PSLE is a huge thing in Singapore, and the post-PSLE period includes a 3 months long ‘freedom from academics’ period. Of course, kids still go to school but their afternoons would be pretty free from the stress of homework?!

We see time as a precious commodity in this opportunity-filled period. We shared feedback on youths who wished they could spend time more meaningfully during this window of time HERE. In this post, I will be listing a few momentos we did for my eldest last year. I will be updating this blog with my middle child’s gifts and catered field trip later on.

Personalised Blank Journal Book

This is a word document of the verses and encouragement which I cut out and paste into the blank pages of Bao’s journal this year. You can download it and add in your own quotes and scriptures too. I pray this will be a good visual reminder of God’s living words and an encouragement for the reading and journaling heart!

Photo Collage of Artworks and Processes printed book

Personalised Coaster

Engraved G Shock Watch

Pa Ma Love AY (PMLAY) – Philippians 4:13 was the scripture verse engraved on his newly mint Gshock watch as a gift. ‘I can do all things through [f]Christ who strengthens me.’

New Sports Shoes for growing feet

A Secondhand mobile phone

Our children do not own a mobile device until post PSLE or when we deem the child mature enough to handle it together with us. Today we sat down and spoke to Bao about our mobile agreement. This will be another post. For now, we are looking forward to the Father and son staycation, which was also done for our eldest last year, while I will take the other siblings under my wings and discuss on how we can be better siblings and understand another sibling’s transition. Perhaps, this time, Yi can offer his experience and share with his sister and me more about how we can grow in understanding for each other.

Meanwhile, HAPPY CHILDREN’S DAY! They have only these 12years to be children! Let’s treasure and make them count! : )

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For more parenting posts on

  1. GrowingHearts Book Launch details
  2. Reviews of GrowingHearts book
  3. Parenthood
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