Our Favourite Chinese Picture Books

This is a short review on our favourite Chinese Picture books that the kids love being read to since small.


This series below has interesting and interactive questions as the story unfolds. Each story has a meaningful moral behind for discussion. e.g. Each character was tempted to claim the lollipop that fell into the cart of theirs, but because of the friends who were honest, they decided it was not theirs because they did not pay for it and placed it back into the shelf.



This book on the knight and dragon has a witty and collaborative ending where instead of fighting against each other (which they tried with disastrously poor results), they worked together as a team to open a restaurant using their strengths to make money! My kids love this illustration and victoriously funny ending!



This book is well-loved for again, the hilarious illustrations and way of narrating what it means to have a HUGE family. How the big brother felt irritated when his younger siblings copied every moves and noise of his and how he felt utter freedom plus loneliness when they stopped following him.



This story holds a very special place in our family, especially for me and J. Read how I used this book to help him ease into his first few days of school HERE. I love the beautiful illustrations and the moving story of the boy who eventually had his ‘papa’s’ heart hung on the tree because a teacher was concerned enough to make a difference.


This ant story is another short and simple story on how the ants conquered a piece of watermelon and used it to become their slide! Not much words, but plenty of creative thinking.


By now you can see why my kids adore these books! Below is another funny story on how this piggy swallowed the seeds of the papaya and the class feared for him- the plant will grow through his head! He was fearful initially until he rationallised actually how cool it would be to have food grown off him to be eaten and provide shade for his friends. Of course, we know eventually it came out as poop in the toilet bowl illustration which made my boys roar with incredulous laughter.


I like this Ah Wen series as it teaches a lot of life habits that a child face in different aspects of life. Like weaning off a hanky and being a worrier.





This is by our local author Adeline Foo  which is translated to Chinese. Love her series!


Last but not least, we love this 布布 series! Thanks to a mummy friend who introduced us! The illustrations are fun and exciting, with short yet meaningful sentences. Even the fonts convey the meaning of the word. I particularly like the ending of this story, which goes beyond a physical definition of Big- 大 it has also witty puns and hilarious exchanges. This is also a local writer fun illustrator who combined his love for Chinese and Art! Do check out his site.
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The best part? Most of them were gifts from a group of tender loving church aunties who took time to invest such rich literature into our kids! We thank God for their support and love!

Hope you enjoyed this little excerpts we have! What are YOUR Favourites? Please share!

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