SG Primary School Chinese Recommendations

As my children entered upper Primary level, I find myself sharing less and less of our activities. Mainly because it looks boring unlike the fun times in younger days. It is just basic routine of Chinese reading and learning through school work and assessments.

Until recently, Linxin at mystorytreasury invited me to join a year long project on #SGprimaryschoolChinese sharing on Instagram. Participating with this group of like-minded SG Mums, gave me the encouragement and support needed to press on in my parenting efforts in making Chinese more engaging. I look forward to learn from them as well as contribute meaningfully for those who are struggling with the language like myself. Do follow the hashtag for more activities and tips.

In this post, I will touch on

  1. Practising your way to an A* series- 华文A* 分辨常用词语注音华英解释练习 , 华文A*分辨常用汉字注音中英解释练习
  2. 小学好作文, 常用好词语, 课文字词手册, 成语我OK
  3. Useful App: Line Dictionary
  4. 笑笑学华语系列
  5. 神奇树屋
  6. 世界名人传记,励志成长绘本
  7. 乌鸦面包店
  8. More recommendations from SgPrimaryLearningChinese group
  9. Tips on how to differentiate similar words

1. Practising your way to an A* series-  华文A* 分辨常用词语注音华英解释练习 , 华文A*分辨常用汉字注音中英解释练习

I bought these from Popular store

2. 小学好作文, 常用好词语, 课文字词手册, 成语我OK (*Click on the images for a full picture view)

小学好作文 and 常用好词语 – All compiled by this author 裴蕾编 (pei lei bian) is highly recommended by my child’s Chinese teacher. Thanks to her lessons and recommendation, my son got through his composition last year learning good phrases. 成语我OK were passed down to us by my friend a few years back. The kids enjoyed them a lot with its humour and comic examples. These are all available at Popular store.

3. Useful App: Line Dictionary

4. 笑笑学华语系列

I stumbled upon this brilliant series when I borrowed book 2 from the library this year! Bao my P6 was caught laughing hysterically and glued to the book. This sparked curiosity in Tian my youngest P4 girl. They devoured the book and asked if there were more. I made enquiry and bought from mystorytreasury who sent the full set to me promptly to our eager delight!

With this set, I started a read-aloud moment using our nightly ‘Chinese Only’ after dinner time. Bao and Tian will take turns to read a page of the entry which would lead to grins and rolling of eyes once we caught the joke of the day. Kids will jot down the highlighted coloured words on the chalk board and we will take turns to come up with a suitable sentence to bring out the meaning of the word/ phrase. I did not wish to burden them with another set of words to record down. I hope this lighthearted and informal chit chat on how to use these new words would aid our joy of learning Chinese.

Boys and girls alike will adore this series! Even my Sec One boy picks this up to read. I like that it is a short passage and filled with meaningful nuggets of humorous content. However, do not underestimate the Chinese standard of this book. This series are more suitable for upper Primary level as one needs to understand the puns used before one catches the joke.

Below is Tian, my daughter’s review of this series.

‘ 笑笑学华文是个非常好笑的书。我从这些书学到了许多华文字。每天读一页,很简单。如果字有上色,它有一面阅读贴士来解释那些字的意思。我喜欢的是它用英文让我明白。下面阅读贴士,有个‘笑一笑,想一想’的格子,问你问题。

I like how they play with the words. For e.g.:老师说如果你有不懂的字,记得私下来问我。阿明却把一张纸了下来。Ah ming heard wrongly and thought the teacher had meant to ‘tear’ (撕),but actually meant ‘privately’ go ask her as in (私下).’

Before I go to my next book, this is our all time favourite! I was reeling with laughter. We find our Chinese nights so much more interesting and lighthearted these days!

5. 神奇树屋

I knew about this series from Guavarama. You can read the detailed review at her reservoir of Chinese resources. My hubby got these from China when he was overseas few years ago.

6. 世界名人传记,励志成长绘本

This is a biography series of famous people. I like the watercolour illustrations and pleasant literature style of writing. A set of inspiring stories to instill gratitude and good values for our children. I also got these from mystorytreasury.

7. 乌鸦面包店

This set of Japanese translated to Chinese version are a gem. I got them last year and my 3 kids re-read them for months! I highly recommend these classic heartwarming stories.

8. More recommendations from #SgPrimaryLearningChinese group

Driving this project is Linxin from @mystorytreasury. This online Chinese bookstore is the brainchild of Linxin who has a knack for choosing stories that engages the whole child. The books are truly a treasure to behold. This is a main reason why I return to her store to purchase my Chinese books.

She has three young children and models the way in her love for learning. Here is an example of her CNY lesson.

Tiffany and Sylvia @2mamas4kids share a lot of easy and low prep materials that could be used for Chinese and all sort of learning through play. An apt occasion to suit her learning moments!

Abigail @elliefunbox sells her creative boxes to engage learners and now she joins us in our Chinese journey . Here is a visual bilingual reference to learn.

Sing Yun @playfullreaders has a treasure trove of ideas and materials specially prepared for Chinese learning and growing fun with her children. Her one day a sentence demonstrates her commitment to teach!

Jasmine @jaslearningwithkids has four children. I relate Do-Rae-Mon to her pocketful of interesting resources to engage her children in a fun and rich manner. Here is her review on the digital pen.

Jane @ourhappylearners has been an early childhood educator and ex-principal. She helps parents to raise happy learners while being one themselves. Currently, she is giving Chinese classes to students and her children through interesting ways.

Esther @estherlaoshi, has been a Chinese teacher and naturally has loads of informative tips and resources to share on Chinese learning.

Phyllis @our_learning_attic creates her own array of activities to make learning enjoyable for her two boys. I like how this game transformed the dull to a fun learning experience!

9. Tips on how to differentiate similar words

Other ways of engaged learning. How I DIY the different similar looking words with a coloured paper window and drawings.

Thank you for reading till the end! I hope this post is beneficial for your family’s learning needs. Do join us in making Chinese learning a better journey together!

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Disclaimer: All recommendations are 100% from the blogger’s own experience. No part of this post is sponsored and all books are personal copies of the blogger. This is in support of local efforts and campaigning for a more meaningful Chinese learning journey for our Primary School learners.

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